Hello EB readers, hello fashionistas and newbies in fashion. This week on fashion , i would be rounding up the series on SKINNY TIES.

I’m sure now you how to knot a skinny tie perfectly and you also know the rules guiding wearing a skinny tie ,i i gave out just 6 quick tips .if you don’t check my previous posts.

Proper Fit Of A Skinny Tie

Though skinny ties can be found in 2-inch to 3-inch widths, the average and most popular width of a skinny tie is anywhere from 1.5-inches to 2.5-inches wide. Going skinnier provides a more retro look, while going wider creates a more traditional look. Like traditional-width ties, the standard length for a man’s skinny tie is about 57 inches, give or take an inch depending upon the manufacturer. When properly fitted, the tip of the skinny tie should fall near the belt line when tied, extending no more than one inch below or three inches above the belt.

Fat Guy in Little Tie
Unfortunately, skinny ties tend to only work with skinny guys.  We should know who wears skinny ties ,Even though one would think a skinny tie would elongate the torso, it also is incredibly thin, which makes muscles and bulkiness look bigger by comparison. However, the good news is that there are variations on the skinny tie that are better for the husky gentleman. Find a skinny tie that has a “shape” rather than something that is pillar-esque, straight up and down.

The Right Fit
In order to wear a skinny tie, you have to find the right kind of shirt and collar to go with it. Thick, wide collars are not going to work with a skinny tie. These kind of collars will make you look wider and bulkier. You want to look for just a regular dress shirt. You also want to make sure your shirt fits you well. It shouldn’t be so tight that you can’t breathe, but it should be snug enough that the shirt doesn’t bulk out when tucked in. The key to pulling off the skinny look is looking sleek.

Perfect Occasions For Skinny Ties

Skinny ties can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. For a formal look, pair a skinny tie (solid black being the most popular) with a fitted dress shirt that has a smaller sized collar. Steer clear of over-sized, box-like suits or dress shirts (think 1990s) when wearing a skinny tie. Because of the slenderness of skinny ties, coordinating attire should be properly fitted to create a cohesive look.

If you’re not planning to wear a suit or jacket, the hottest formal look we’re seeing is the pairing of a bright, solid color skinny tie with a black dress shirt. The tie will pop against the shirt and create a bold statement. To achieve this look, some of our recommendations for tie colors include Red, Fuchsia, Miami Rose Pink, Hot Pink, Shocking Violet, Plum Violet, Purple, Royal Blue, Peacock Blue, Turquoise, Tropical Blue, Hot Lime Green, Gold, Golden Yellow, Yellow or White. If a black dress shirt isn’t your thing, pair your skinny tie with a shirt color that is lighter than the necktie for a dashing look.

For a casual look, still wear a collared shirt with your skinny tie. However, the tie knot can be either knotted tightly or left loose. Roll up shirt sleeves and pair with a vest for a well-dressed, casual look. Skinny knit ties are especially popular when it comes to casual looks.

Fashion forward grooms are increasingly dressing their marriage party in skinny ties, especially in solid colors. For a sharp look, mix and match bright solid color skinny ties among the groomsmen.

Wearing a skinny tie for work is entirely dependent upon the work environment. For a more casual work environment, the skinny tie can be worn. If you want to wear a skinny tie in a more formal work environment, it is best to choose a narrow 3-inch width or slim 2.75-inch width.


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