Hi readers and BBA fans, well the eviction show went down last night and incase you missed it , then catch up here.

So week is finally over

The eviction show last night was a huge success as star artists, Olamide and Phyno thrilled the crowd. They performed their hit track “GHOST MODE”

So we all know that during the week the housemates were divided into two teams for a show, well Team B , the WAKA WAKA MOU team won. Which means they have won immunity from nominations in the coming week. The team members include Sheilla, Nhlanhla, Luis, Macky2, Trezagah, Mr. 265, Sipe, Idris, Ellah, Butterphly and M’am Bea.

Unfortunately, Mira and Resa were also a member of this team before they were evicted.

There was a total of 4330 votes that came in to support both teams for the Extravaganza. Team A (Laveda’s team) received a total of 1824 of the votes and Team B (Waka Waka Mou) received a total of 2506 of the votes. Team Waka Waka achieved a clean win and it will be interesting to see how the dynamics transform in the house. Lillian is very upset about having lost the Extravaganza and vents out to Permithias and Sheillah.


Resa was the first housemate to be evicted form the HOTSHOTS.

She is asked to leave the house and soon joins IK on the live stage for her live interview. The room seemed to turn cold as 12 housemates were made to stand. Resa seemed to take the news well but the news did not go down well with her friend Sipe, who immediately wept. Esther shouted out “I love you Resa” as she as the Zambian lass hurried out of the house. She told IK that she was at piece with the turnout of events and mentioned that she would miss Sipe the most.



I was surprised and shocked as Mira, the Mozambique rep was evicted from the HOTSHOTS. Well she started the show as a shy girl but hmm she kisssed Luis and Nhalanaha so was she really shy ?

So tonight her name was announced and guess what ? she gave Luis the Last embrace in the house. Surprisingly, Luis wasnt so happy and was comforted by Idris ans Sipe . He received his last kiss from Mira before she left the house. What a sad way to end their love affair which lasted for less than a week.

She told IK that she was happy to be out of the house as she had been missing home. She also said that she enjoyed getting to know Trezagah from Mozambique.


Alusa nominates Esther and Tayo

Arthur nominates JJ and Sabina.

Butterphly nominates Frankie and Esther.

Ellah nominates Tayo and Laveda

Esther goes for JJ and Permithias.

Frankie nominates Tayo and JJ.

Goitse nominates Esther and Lilian.

Idris nominates Frankie and Permithias

JJ nominates Lilian and Laveda

Kacey Moore nominates Frankie and Sabina

Laveda nominates JJ and Frankie

Lilian nominates JJ and Alusa.

Luis nominates Alusa and JJ –

Mr. 265 nominates Permithias and Arthur –

Macky2 nominates Laveda and Frankie.

M’am Bea nominates Esther and Sabina

Nhlanhla nominates Tayo and Sabina

Permithias nominates Tayo and Frankie.

Sabina – Lilian and Tayo,

Samantha – Frankie and Arthur,

Sheillah – Frankie and Permithias.

Sipe – Tayo and Permithias,

Tayo – JJ and Permithias,

Trezagah – Samantha and Esther.

So in summary, Frankie, Tayo, JJ and Permithias had the largest nominations. So lets see who leaves the house next week ??? Fingers crossed.

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