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sometimes we get to the peak of the day when our heads gets some rest and inbetween you realize that you cant jst get the rest you require.right now, i just woke up and cant sleep for so confused and so scared.

THE UNBELEIVABLE DREAM: is the end time?

Just woke up now, and so scared.

i dreamt about school.the scenario was cool and suddenly buildings started shifting, everyone was scared.  on the streets there was pandenoium and chaos. people were running here and there tring to look for loved ones. in the cause of this incident, someone died.

it was a pathetic situation everywhere.everyone was making calls including me to their loved ones and their last call. i called my dad and mum and they said i should remain cal, that there is no fuel @ home, so nobody can move out.people were buying their last clothes.

i cried so much and i thought and wondered WAS THIS THE END OF THE WORLD?

5 things to do whenyou are stuck in a boring lecture

  • 1. draw the lecturer in your notepad
  • important things that can avert the problem of being bored.
  • 3.leave the class
  • 4.ask the lecturer a question that u knw he cant answer
  • 5.make a funny comment or pass a note round class(well that can be distracting though)

5 more things to do when you are bored or lonely

6. call your boyfriend

7. call random numbers

8.go on facebook

9.tweet whatever is on your mind me

5 things to do when you are bored or lonely

1. get up , move round your surrounding or where you are living

2. turn on your music to the loudest and scream out everyone on your phonebook.

4.go to your kitchen and prepare a new receipe

5.rearrange your room

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