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Wearing skinny ties have rules you have to follow in order not to be tagged as a fashion violator. In our previous post i talked about who can wear skinny ties  so I have put up few rules to follow in case you really need to accessorize with this tie.

1.Ensure your tie fits and suits the lapel of your suit or blazer.  Skinny ties look best when worn with narrow lapels. If you wear the skinny tie with a blazer, look at the width of the tie compared to the lapels. They should be approximately the same size, erring on the size of the lapels being slightly wider.  But if the lapels are too wide, it will make your head look like a balloon, with the skinny tie as a little string trailing underneath trying desperately to keep your head attached to your disproportional outfit.  

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Congratulations to the Batch A 2012 corpers who heeded the Clarion callas they have their passing out parade today in various states across the country.

They have successfully completed their 1 year of srvice to thier Fatherland , Nigeria.

Now their Allowees have turned to Salary,  CDS 2 Board Meeting,Jungle boot 2 Designers shoes,LI turn to supervisors,  khaki turn 2 suit.

No more PPAs , No more CDS  ,no more fear of your Z.I’s queries & warnings. you can now travel round the whole world anytime u feel like & stay as long as u want. jobs abound for you to grab only if u are smart & wise enough. It won’t cost you anything to just thank God for his goodness & mercies.


Mrs. Mutiat Aileru has delivered a baby girl in a tricycle in Abule-Egba area of Lagos at around 5pm. The woman got into unprepared labour and trust nigerian women ,they came out to help her and she was delivered of a baby girl inside the tricycle.

The driver of the tricylce said that the woman got into serious labour when they passed Agege and infact he had to take one way.


Hello EB readers , Happy Saturday and happy weekend to them workers. Today’s post is for male species tho , the bad guys, geeks , hunks, players and anything male . i have come to realize that there are things guys do to push women off that they might be wondering why we ladies do not find them attractive. as it is said thwe way you dress is teh way you are addressed. so i have decided to help guys most especially my devoted fans and family on EB .

Below are just 10 things or lets call them  turn-offs that guys do without even knowing .

  1. Wearing white socks with dress shoes : This one is really a NO=NO . teaming this combination is terrible well it was in the old fashion trending but now it s over .  That was so fashion in the 90s.the correct way is that dress shoes should and must only be worn with dress socks, in dark  shades/colours like black , brown and gray.    The white sock should only be for the athletic arena  with athletic shoes and track pants Fashion Mistakes
  2. Incorrect buttoned blazers Seriously why should you do this to yourself ? now its not just  about mismatching the positioning of the buttons  but also fastening the wrong number of buttons on your blazer can cause it to stretch and pull in weird directions which makes the blazer seem so ill fitted. now the advice is :With a two-button suit, fasten the top button and with a three-button suit, you have a choice between fastening the top two buttons or the middle one only. And no matter what kind of blazer you’re wearing, always unbutton it when you sit down. Fashion Mistakes
  3. Stuffing your pockets Are you trying to make your backside fatter or what ? your pockets are meant for the hands only o and sometimes to keep change . Some guys keep  handfull of cash,two-month-old receipts, your cell phone, three sets of keys, and a stash of business cards.  To avoid being a turn-off  and unnecessarily  stretching your pants , its time to get a bag or you could have a blazer with inner pockets in which you can then distribute your daily necessities and still maintain that sleek appearance  ……..CONTINUE READING 10 FASHION TURN-OFFS FOR GUYS Read the rest of this entry

Happy birthday Kristen Stewart!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

happy birthday kristen stewart.

Female Jackets + Colours

HaRKEN couture: Featured: Female Jackets + Colours.

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