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Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade who recently escaped tummy tuck surgery scandal is yet in another serious scandal involving her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde.
The beautiful mother of four has never stopped the habit of beating her husband at the slightest provocation.
Contrary to her popularized 35 age, insiders said the reality talk show host is over 40 now. The source who claimed Omotola Jalade is secretly battling early menopausal signs like hot flashes and so on, also says Omotola never stopped the habit of beating her husband mercilessly in case of argument.
Captain Matthew Ekeinde, an easygoing man who married the actress at a tender age, is a gentle man by nature.
“During the course of their marriage, Captain Ekeinde never beat the actress simply because he adores her”



My apologies Eb fans for bring this gist this late. Anyways last night Tiwa Savage, Mavin first lady got the gift of her life. She had a birthday party with family and friends and her manager/boyfriend Tee Billz proposed to her in front of family and friends and she said yes.  ! Big congrats to them.

We could say it was her perfect 33rd birthday present. now all haters and rumor mongers can have sealed lips cause he’s finally put a ring on it.

To all those guys tripping for her well shes taken officially.



The much sought after,much implausible and of course the most anticipated video is here . ROCK YOUR BODY. Dipp features YEMI ALADE





WOW!!!!stunning resemblance between Nigerian Actress ,Tonto Dike and her late Mum. may her soul R.I.P


Hello EB readers , below is a picture of a lady who just violated the rules of wearing prints which is a fashion trend as at now

funny enough she is a celebrity –Solange Knowles . well i am really surprised. what was she thinking ???

was she trying to catch attention or trying something different . to me she has just murdered fashion in that  outfit .

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Hello EB fans and loyal readers. in this series of exclusive interviews i would gladly and humbly introduce you to a celebrity ,comedian , musician  EMMA OH MA GOD.For those who don’t know him and for those who have heard his name one time or the other this is a chance and an opportunity to do so.

Hello please introduce yourself

My name is Emmanuel Edunjobi popularly known as “EmmaOhMaGod”. I’m a musician/music artiste, comedian/MC and a producer.

Why the name  “EmmaOhMaGod” ?

I like saying “oh my God” and i say it a lot especially when i go on stage .. and people like it when i say it .So i decided to add it to my name  by funkifying  the “my” to “ma”. hence the name EmmaohmaGod and I  have also patented the name so it is exclusive to me.

That is interesting Nice meeting you Emma. so tell us about your childhood ?

I am the last child from a family of six children and I’m from Ogun state.

Describe yourself in 3 words..

Describing my self in three words..hmm.. I’m the NEXT BEST THING 🙂 .

Wow !!!!!. That is unique. so you are really into the entertainment industry. what motivated you into your present career. What was or is the driving force still keeping you.give us the gist.

What motivated me into my career? … I’ve always loved good music since I was a child. I started by learning how to play the recorder which we made out of pipe and wood (good old memories), I learnt how to play it by myself. Then my mom bought me the harmonica which I also mastered by myself…then I learnt how to play the drum set in church, piano and guitar..all by myself. Also I listened to several genres of music..especially accapella and jazz..  and I guess that’s where I developed some of my composition skills, producer instincts and also my unique skills of harmonization. So that’s more or less my musical background and it greatly influenced my career choice as a musician (production came in handy).
Then I have never liked my environment being dull so i have always tried my best to keep it lively and that has majorly led to my being funny. But my prospects and potentials as a stand up comedian majorly came to limelight when I got to Covenant university where I was the major stand up comedian throughout my 5years of study in the school. I had a high level of appreciation and recognition as regards that and I succeeded in making a lot of people happy. The quest to keep putting smiles on people’s faces has kept growing in me since then even till date. So I’m also a stand up comedian 🙂 

        Yea sure you really made lot of people happy. well its Good to know i was such a huge fan but i still am tho!

      So is there anything new about Emma? any upcoming project

What’s new about me? .. I’m presently working on my forth coming album (my proper announcement and introduction into the entertainment world as it were). All I can say for now is “Watch Out!!!” *in igbo movie advert guy’s voice*… But its gonna be a nice one.

Well I cant wait o!

What or who is your inspiration ?

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