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Hey. I woke up early but I had to come out for morning drills because it was said the commandant was coming round. So I had to go to avoid trouble. But later I found my way back to the hostel. Continued my precious sleep.

Afternoon lectures today. Certificate of participation was being given but as usual they were still talking and blabbing. Well as sure as I am , I had someone outside there that I was confirming and getting updates from. I heard it was boring.

Later on , I bought some books at a cheap price. Went to mammi , ate lunch +dinner.
Also the list for people who were redeployed was released. There were tears and smiles of joy and also angry people were not left out. some people got their state of choice while others in fact most people did not get it. Luckily for me , my friends and I who applied for redeployment got ours even though it wasn’t exact but it was close.

Good news for us , our alawee of 19800 has started circulation in camp. The queue is so long. I don’t think I would collect mine today. this is the time people have to pay their debts in maami. All those who ate and drank on credit. Mtchew for them.
Today variety night was from mtn. They hosted various pageants like miss nysc , mr macho ,catch the train , miss pretty face (a guy). Also there was drama conclusion.
It ended late today tho but it was interesting all the same. My friend participated in the catch the trainnkn competition and won.
Least I forget I had fun today. It was ok sha. Goodnight o.


The programme finished at about 1am. Then immediately the lights were put out. So I scampered to my room and straight to my bed.


Hey you. Woke up feeling tired and was extremely reluctant to stand up when the beagle was blown for morning drills. Unfortunately I had to go because attendance was being taken. I couldn’t find my other clothes so I decided to just wear what I wore last nite having in mind that I would get back to the room early enough.

Today my platoon took the meditation which was written by me on responsibility. Felt good. After the morning meditation and drills I couldn’t return to the room because one of the commandants stopped me and others irrespective of the excuse given. I tried different means ans was almost caught.

Finally , I found a back passage to the hostel. So I left quickly before being caught. Imagine what desperation leads to. To upcoming corpers , please do not be caught o .

When I got back to the room there was no water because the kitchen people locked it up probably. Was not happy bout it. Before I could say jack peter , I heard a loud bang. I ran out only to see an accident just occurred. God saved lives today o. It won’t have been funny o. The truck that supplies water lost brake and reversed on its own. Fortunately people there immediately ran away and death was averted. You needed to see how the women were thanking and praising God.

IMG-20121122-00351 IMG-20121122-00349 IMG-20121122-00348 IMG-20121122-00347

For the first time I went to collect camp breakfast. Which was bread. Not that bad.
I didn’t come out for lectures which was presentation of certificates. I heard it was boring. I was trying to prepare for the carnival which is holding later in the afternoon.



I went to collect my customized platoon shirt from my platoon leader. Went back to change to my top +my jeans+ my black plimsolls. Took pictures with my friends. It was ok as all platoons presented something and danced round. It was a good experience.



Later after the whole ish I went to mammi to have dinner. Later on went for the airtel variety night which consisted of various pageants like miss NYSC , miss pretty face and mr macho contest.

It was ok. We finished by 12midnight. I have to get to bed. Doubt if I would be able to go for parade tomorrow morning


Hey dear ,morning parade calls again. Today nothing much happened at the parade ground. As usual , had to wait for the selected squad team to practice.

Then went to have my bath , breakfast on point but didn’t go out for lectures sha. Tried as much as possible to be invisible to the soldiers. Well it worked. But today lectures were not taken seriously sha. I came out later on to see what was happening but nothing much. I then bought some motivational books at a cheap rate.

Later went to have lunch at mammi. Time for parade came but I escaped. Tried to retrieve my sim. It worked. So happy because I’ve been barred for almost a week.

Yeah I forgot to say that today is my friend birthday. Haven’t seen him since morning , just saw him now. My platoon member is also having his birthday party today and of which everyone is invited. It was cool because my platoon commander was not missing in action. We all danced , drank (not alcohol for me)and ate. It was fun. And definitely my friends birthday party was not left out. It was a combination of two parties. I had fun I must confess

I have to go to bed now. So tired. I pray I wake up in time for parade and I don’t even have what to wear because I didn’t collect my clothes from the dry-cleaning guy.


Hi , you know how it feels to start counting down to the end of an event. that’s how i feel now. Anyway woke up reluctantly. Went for normal morning drills but today everyone is to jog ,it was fun sha because this time I really was involved. After that everything went on fine .
We all had to wait for parade practice. I was looking so dirty and didn’t like it. But I had no choice. i tried to hide from my crush but wasn’t so invisible

Immediately after the drills , I went to take my bath and wash my clothes myself. Then also had breakfast. Went for the skill acquisition classes. We were divided into groups and I was chosen as the leader. I couldn’t refuse it. Well , I had to show responsibility. The practical session was ok sha. But boring. Immediately after I escaped to mammi with my friends to stay and get rid of boring lectures and funny enough we were not disturbed. i finished a whole season of the NIKKITA serie i started. Even some soldiers were at mammy and they saw us but left us.

Later in the afternoon , went for parade practice under the hot sun which was not so nice. My platoon had football match of which we won. it was so glorious because my platoon commander was dancing and we joined him. We prayed and thanked God for the victory.

Had dinner. Chilled out a little. Today was my friends birthday. So I had a good time. my food tab was on him.



Happy birthday to my number one young artist DAVIDO. He turns 20 today. Its so cool to know he has achieved a lot at his young age.

There will be a birthday party this Friday. The venue is unknown and I’m sure its vvip. Don’t forget 500k. Is going out to the air o

Once again hbd david


Wow. A fresh week. Feeling cool. Today I didn’t really go out for morning drills. Hungover from the previous nights sleep. Well woke up from my wonderful rest , took my bath , got breakfast.

Time for lectures again. Mtchew. I had no choice but to go before those soldiers start showing themselves. Well ironically I was chosen to be the group leader for practicals. It sounded cool tho. i gave my ATM card to someone to help me collect money because i was getting broke o.

The class was so crowded that some people were told to come tomorrow. After that lecture I went to mammi to stay and I had a good time with my friends. Watched some movies.

As gist got to me 5 phones were stolen in the boys hostel today. A snake was killed in the OBS office but the indigenes didn’t take it likely o.
Later on I had dinner , charged my phones and later on slept off

Yea I’m also counting down to this camp ending. I can’t wait o

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