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Morning o. After yesterdays event . Real camp activities start today. Morning drills held as usual.
We were separated into platoons today. Our platoon commandant and head were introduced to us . We all voted for our platoon executives but i was not interested in that. In fact i just didn’t feel like doing anything.

We started serious drills on marching and at first i wasn’t finding it funny but i got along. Luckily my platoon commandant was among the nicest and most understanding unlike some platoons.

Today is Friday so Our Muslim brothers and sisters were allowed to go pray from 1 pm which meant free time for me.

Lectures started today , We had EFCC,  Security and Traditional lectures in which i can say i didn’t even listen. Firstly , there were no chairs sufficient for everyone , the tent provided was so hot . I and my wonderful friends had to borrow bench from our customer at mammy . It was boring , not many people listened.


I actually wanted to listen but the crowd was something else , I couldn’t see and how boring it started to feel. I gave that up. Some people had to sit on the floor. We were advised to buy nylon bags to use on the floor in case we don’t get seats.
We rounded up lectures by 1 pm. Muslims were allowed to go and pray while I headed towards mammy for lunch. Went back to my room , slept then woke up in the evening strolled round , still met some new people.Had dinner and went for the socials.
Tonight was our first socials. Miss hot legs. It was hilarious as we even ended at about 11 pm.



Today , is the main day. we were all to be sworn -in and have induction ceremony. yay!!!

We were told to put on our full nysc kits .Thankfully , i adjusted mine which wasn’t my size early enough. In fact that morning , Tailors were still amending clothes and things like that .Everywhere was busy. Today i took my bath early to avoid embarrassment and also to avoid the risk of not getting water.

I must confess , i was excited about the whole ish. The program was slated for 10 am and we were to be on parade ground 10 minutes before tome. I quickly had breakfast to avoid hunger slap and unnecessary buying of junks.

When i was fully ready , i and my friends and new friends made took pictures and you know how girls can waste time on this. It was necessary o.


Everyone was at the parade ground , waiting for the commencement of the ceremony. We were delayed because the Govenor had not yet shown up . It was so annoying to be Under hot sun .


GOVERNORFinally an hour or two later ,  his representative came around an the program commenced. I actually didn’t listen to all their stories. i was at the back with my friends and her other friends. So i can say i wasn’t that bored .Hunger set in but was quenched by people selling things around.

Finally 3 hours later the program ended.

We were given time to cool off for the day but was told to resume on the parade ground the next morning. people who came today were given time to finish up their registration and documentation.

Mammy was full today. i met some new friends here and i can say it was okay. I have to stop here my battery is going off. Goodnight






wow , today is the first day apart from yesterday hustling and bustling of registration. The beagle was sounded at 5 am. You can trust some over-sabi and over -know all people who started taking their bath from 2 am and in fact were waiting for the beagle self. smh.
As for me , i decided not to be bothered about all that . I went to a boarding school and also the bathrooms , spaces outside would be full so what was the point of me rushing . I just had my mouth washed , washed my face and dressed up for morning drills and meditations.
It wasn’t that bad. Today we were not yet according to platoons so i just took a good spot.

Meditations were held and drills started.Some people were still resuming camp and i was actually envying them
We were taught the nysc anthem in preparation for Tomorrow. In fact our state coordinator came around .
After morning sessions, we were allowed time to take our bath , and have breakfast .I quickly took my bath in one of the bathrooms that was clean before it gets messed up again. Moved on to mammy , had a good meal of indomie and rested a little before it was time for another session of drills on the parade ground.
We practiced important parade parts for tomorrows event like 3 happy cheers to the governor which is the part you raise your caps and salute etc.
People were still resuming at camp , so registration was in full progress. I couldn’t find some of my friends .
Later in the afternoon , i discovered that the camp officials didn’t disturb them because they were still putting on colored clothes in disguise of people who ere just resuming. So not to be the dull one , i also changed and joined her. (Dont be like that.)
While the others went for evening session , we were just around mammy and meeting other people.
To while away time , i went to paint my nails. But those people self can t do anything well .
I met this guy- Kayode and his friends. Kept me company and he disappeared. The long and short of the whole gist was that i escaped drills but i couldn’t do it again . Tomorrow is induction and swearing in ceremony to be a proper Otondo for 3 weeks .

I also had to fetch water down in case it finishes before i get there. Goodnight


Hey woke up quite late. I didn’t go out for morning parade /drills. I slept well enough. I woke up at my own pace. So happy because I’m already counting down to the end of this camp ish.

I saw my platoon leader. So happy to see him tho. YeA I forgot to say that today is camp fire night. So everyone is busy preparing for the event. So he briefed me of what is hAppening.

Went to fill the redeployment form at the office and trust me there was crowd. Anyway when I was done I ran to my hostel to take my bath. Later on , I went to have breakfast at maami which was nice. I had bread + akara +fried egg. It was nice trust me.

Stayed with my friends , we talked , laughed and I didn’t feel too happy because camp is ending sooner and the whole love we shared and bond might be short-lived. so sad.

Later on I went to assist my platoon in the kitchen. All platoons were cooking at designated locations. They were cooking for the platoon and also there was to be a cooking competition to decide the platoon that cooked the best meal.


Then rain started its own. Everyone scampering for shelter and praying for the rain to stop. Luckily rain listened to us and just showered for a short period of time. The cooking continued and preparation rounding up. I didn’t want to take the risk of being hungry and depending on platoon food that I might not get. so I went to have dinner. Went back to prepare for camp fire nite.

Lots of ladies, took the camp fire very personal. they wore jeans, heavy make up and all. sadly the joy was shortlived as one of the commandants chased people back to wear their whites. hahaha

As good-looking as I was , I left for the event which started by 7pm. The fire was
lit by the man-o-war crew. They danced round it. The program was opened. The state co-ordinator was also at the event. It was ok.

People were introduced at the high table.
My platoon shared meal ticket. So at least I got food which I payed for. I stayed with my friends , laughed , danced and took pictures.

Everyone was happy I guess. Later there was a dancing competition that was won by platoon 10.

Many were paired up already. Different things happened both the good , the bad and the ugly.

The cooking competition was won by platoon 10. people were just there having fun . i even heard that some didn’t go inside till dawn . you should trust what went down. saw people(couples) going to mammi to catch their groove. The whole program ended by 2am. It was ok. Different platoons danced round the fire. But it was over -hyped. i heard lagos camp ended thiers by 10pm. (laughing)


Hey. I woke up early but I had to come out for morning drills because it was said the commandant was coming round. So I had to go to avoid trouble. But later I found my way back to the hostel. Continued my precious sleep.

Afternoon lectures today. Certificate of participation was being given but as usual they were still talking and blabbing. Well as sure as I am , I had someone outside there that I was confirming and getting updates from. I heard it was boring.

Later on , I bought some books at a cheap price. Went to mammi , ate lunch +dinner.
Also the list for people who were redeployed was released. There were tears and smiles of joy and also angry people were not left out. some people got their state of choice while others in fact most people did not get it. Luckily for me , my friends and I who applied for redeployment got ours even though it wasn’t exact but it was close.

Good news for us , our alawee of 19800 has started circulation in camp. The queue is so long. I don’t think I would collect mine today. this is the time people have to pay their debts in maami. All those who ate and drank on credit. Mtchew for them.
Today variety night was from mtn. They hosted various pageants like miss nysc , mr macho ,catch the train , miss pretty face (a guy). Also there was drama conclusion.
It ended late today tho but it was interesting all the same. My friend participated in the catch the trainnkn competition and won.
Least I forget I had fun today. It was ok sha. Goodnight o.


The programme finished at about 1am. Then immediately the lights were put out. So I scampered to my room and straight to my bed.


Hey you. Woke up feeling tired and was extremely reluctant to stand up when the beagle was blown for morning drills. Unfortunately I had to go because attendance was being taken. I couldn’t find my other clothes so I decided to just wear what I wore last nite having in mind that I would get back to the room early enough.

Today my platoon took the meditation which was written by me on responsibility. Felt good. After the morning meditation and drills I couldn’t return to the room because one of the commandants stopped me and others irrespective of the excuse given. I tried different means ans was almost caught.

Finally , I found a back passage to the hostel. So I left quickly before being caught. Imagine what desperation leads to. To upcoming corpers , please do not be caught o .

When I got back to the room there was no water because the kitchen people locked it up probably. Was not happy bout it. Before I could say jack peter , I heard a loud bang. I ran out only to see an accident just occurred. God saved lives today o. It won’t have been funny o. The truck that supplies water lost brake and reversed on its own. Fortunately people there immediately ran away and death was averted. You needed to see how the women were thanking and praising God.

IMG-20121122-00351 IMG-20121122-00349 IMG-20121122-00348 IMG-20121122-00347

For the first time I went to collect camp breakfast. Which was bread. Not that bad.
I didn’t come out for lectures which was presentation of certificates. I heard it was boring. I was trying to prepare for the carnival which is holding later in the afternoon.



I went to collect my customized platoon shirt from my platoon leader. Went back to change to my top +my jeans+ my black plimsolls. Took pictures with my friends. It was ok as all platoons presented something and danced round. It was a good experience.



Later after the whole ish I went to mammi to have dinner. Later on went for the airtel variety night which consisted of various pageants like miss NYSC , miss pretty face and mr macho contest.

It was ok. We finished by 12midnight. I have to get to bed. Doubt if I would be able to go for parade tomorrow morning

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