Wearing skinny ties have rules you have to follow in order not to be tagged as a fashion violator. In our previous post i talked about who can wear skinny ties  so I have put up few rules to follow in case you really need to accessorize with this tie.

1.Ensure your tie fits and suits the lapel of your suit or blazer.  Skinny ties look best when worn with narrow lapels. If you wear the skinny tie with a blazer, look at the width of the tie compared to the lapels. They should be approximately the same size, erring on the size of the lapels being slightly wider.  But if the lapels are too wide, it will make your head look like a balloon, with the skinny tie as a little string trailing underneath trying desperately to keep your head attached to your disproportional outfit.  

2. Skinny ties look best with 1 or 2 button suit or blazer jackets.

3. Pay serious attention to the collars. A collar that is vivdly wider than the skinny tie makes you look awkward.It would make you look short and fat , Don’t wear a  wide spread collar when wearing skinny ties. The best shirts collars have a medium to narrow collar spread. Also, button down collars are less suited for narrow neckties. 

4. Match the narrow tie with a smaller, slightly asymmetric tie knot. A perfect tie knot is the so called four in Hand knot. Please see our guide on How to Tie a Necktie for more information.
5. Skinny ties look best on tall and thin men. Stocky, short, and overweight men should stay away from narrow ties as they will add even more pounds to the frame.
6. Keep the patterns and colors simple and modern. Traditional patterns such as Regimental stripes, paisleys, and polka dots are less suited for skinny ties. Best are solid colors, knitted skinny ties, and modern stripes, as well as checks of all sorts.
Add a tie clip! A simple tie clip in polished silver or gold will be a perfect accessory for the skinny tie.

7. Stick to the medium/wider ties for work. I don’t know why, but skinny ties look as if they are strangling an individual. A medium/wide tie will never essentially go out of a fashion, with regards to a corporate environment and would be more acceptable and not mention respectable. If you want to play around with your work attire, consider playing around with different cufflinks and different colours of ties.

8. A skinny tie requires a skinny knot. A full windsor just looks silly with a skinny tie.  I’m partial to the “4 in hand knot” – it’s slightly asymmetrical, which goes well with a more casual look.  Don’t know how to tie this knot? see below

Hope you enjoyed this post ? if you have more rules you think should be listed above please do not hesitate to drop them below in the comments box.


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