Its another interesting day in the BBA9 season – the hotshots. well incase you missed it , this is what happened.>>>>>>

With the Biggie’s task which is in progress  for Saturday there seem to be serious tension in the house , hmm  Will this threaten the unity of the housemates  ? The extravaganza on Saturday is definitely a show not to miss!


Talking about couples in the house well we have few already but will the relationships be solid enough before the eviction night on sunday ? All the  cuddling and caressing ???

Well, Nhlanhla and Sheillah haven’t stopped touching each other and spending time with each other. Luis and Mira have been getting close as of Day 3 and they are increasingly spending more time together. Idris and Goitse are a new pair that is getting comfortable with each other. Idris told her that she loved everyone but loved her in a different way and didn’t want to unpack his statement.


It was quote surprising that Luis and Mira bonded as the supposed Luis and Lillian love didn’t work out as luis said that Lilian wasn’t really interested . Or does Lilian have a secret crush in the house? hmm time will tell.

Today Mira walked over to sit herself next to Luis and placed her one leg on top of him. Their physical interaction developed and soon the couple had their arms wrapped around each other, whispering sweet-nothings. Things seem to be getting serious from the look and sound of things. Luis was heard affirming that he was now feeling better when Mira asked him how he was doing. Could it have been that it was because he was next to her?

Soon after the couple started talking about evictions and Luis expressed his confidence that she isn’t going anywhere and Mira reciprocated the same faith that he would also stay on the show. Luis caressed her back as he said, “We are going to make this work no matter what happens on Sunday”. To this Mira responded by stroking his face and getting closer to him.


It was a serious matter which lasted for over 15 minutes as  Luis had noticed how teams had started cooking meals for themselves and said that the house was thick with tension. JJ tried  to explain the situation as well as defend Samantha for cooking for her teammates. Macky2 dismissed all arguments stating that not cooking for the whole house was not excusable. Butterfly said that it was not worth it to divide the house in the manner that it had been divided because in the very next week, they would be made to work in different teams or possibly all together even. I wonder how the preparation of meals will go tomorrow.

Tension , drama and much more to expect in this season. Hardly a week into the show and the drama and potential relationships are keeping us glued to the show. How do you think this week will end on Sunday with all the uncertain relationships and division in the house?





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