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Hello EB reader , yesterday the captivating  show of the maltina dance hall season 6 came to an end with the GREEN FAMILY  becoming 6 million naira richer and owner of a brand new car at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. . it was a perfect show lat night . all the families presented wonderful performances but the GREEN family i guess captivated the heart of nigerians nationwide


The other families who entered the grand finale where the  the Boyle Family, Eghovie family, Efiokwu family and Zibe family.

They were presented with their prize by the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Adejoke Adefilure-Orelope.  to make the show more interesting the deputy governor  dropped the biggest national goof of the night by saying: “On behalf of Nigerian Breweries, makers of Malta Guinness…” when she was called out to present the cheque to the winning family. can you imagine!!!!    she could not tell the difference btw malta guinness and maltina  What was she thinking, Read the rest of this entry


OK o!, it has happened O and this time its UNBELIEVABLE

Over 190 Air Nigeria passengers at  Gatwick Airport as at  8:30am  were stranded for up to 8hours o just in a bid  yesterday morning to fly back home . The travellers were informed of lack of ‘fuel’ to fly the aircraft to Lagos, and were  then told to contribute extra £40 (N 8600.06) each for purchase of ‘Aviation Fuel!

can you just imagine such . well after different episodes of drama and sorting for the fuel , the plane left Gatwick airport at 4:30 pm and arrived Nigeria at about 12:30 early this morning. the best part of this episode is that the passengers were shocked to be informed to come back for their luggage!

A lot of them are so mad about what they went through yesterday and are planning to sue the airline company and it’s chairman, Jimoh Ibrahim.

The question is if you were among the passengers, what would you have done ?



From tomorrow Monday September 10th, Air Nigeria will no longer fly…for at least a year.


At first it was like a rumour that was being spread about the first lady being sick abroad but now from a reliable source it is true o!

The First lady, Patience Jonathan,  is undergoing treatment at a German hospital for “ruptured appendicitis.” Can you imagine ? she was thought to have food poisoning . she fell sick 10 days ago

I just pray its not what i an thinking. Any ways , if it is truly “ruptured appendicitis that she is diagnosed with ,she will only undergo a minor surgery(Appendectomy)to cut off her Appendix.That’s all!

I wish her quick recovery o! but seriously does it mean that no hospital in Nigeria has good enough hands to sort the situation out??? that is really bad  o. i know of really good hospitals with world class professionals that would have handled this case. they just have this mentality of going abroad. mtcheeew.




Teju proposed to Tobi on the world’s most romantic day – Valetine’s Day (2012) at the Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos. Although surprised, Tobi said Yes and from then on, the journey of the soon to be Mr & Mrs began. Teju speaking on why he chose to spend the rest of his life with Tobi, in his own words “ I felt peace, kind of like the peace of God that passes all understanding”.

Traditional Wedding – Thursday 30th August 2012
White Wedding – Saturday 1st September 2012

Well from these perfect pics we can see LOVE exists and is real. so to those who think or aasume it doesnt then its time to think over*winks*


hello EB readers this is a first in series of guest post on this BLOG. i hope you enjoy thus and don’t forget to drop your comments .



Toyin comes out… he smiles… he has been tracking her for a long while now and last month she finally agreed to go on a first date with him. The date went Ermm!!! Let’s just conclude that she wanted to see him again sha
‘How was your day hun?’ Taiwo asked.
‘Ermm!! I thought you asked me that already via twitter’ Toyin replied
Taiwo: *scratches his punk hair cut Big Head* yeah but that was via twitter now
Toyin: *shrugs* My day was cool, classes all day, then tweeting all evening and you how was your test?
Taiwo smiles…. Awww she remembered about my test, means she care about me small sha he said to himself
Taiwo: It was great, love …. I kinda knew it all.
Toyin: hehehe!! How come..? You didn’t read naww ; you were chatting with me via DM(s) all night .. *raised eyebrows*
Taiwo: Ermm! I’m smart like that *Big Grin*
Still strolling away from her hall….
“Where are we going to? Because I’m hungry.. I want to eat ASUN(Spiced meat) from café “ Toyin voiced.
His eyes scanned her from her head to her toes… Nice “Sponge Bob square pants” T-shirt, well tucked in her grey high waist Pocket free pants trousers with a colourful Slippers….wait what’s on her hands ? a handkerchief on the left hand, aha ahan NO WALLET  and she wants to eat ASUN!


“Girls sha, and This girl told me 30mins ago via Dm that she was eating dinner” He said to himself.
Toyin cleared every other funny thoughts doing through his mind and finally said. “Ermm ok let’s go Taiwo”, hoping the 250naira with him would be enough to get her the ASUN, though he had not eaten/gotten dinner yet.

So that is it …
If you were in Taiwo’s shoes what would you have done? Consider he is tracking the babe o!!

It is not only an alarming trend, but in my view it’s just a scam and Err!! I think it’s allowed for a dude to pay the bills when on a date with a lady, but that doesn’t mean the lady shouldn’t be with spare cash or emergency cash as I call it .
What if he doesn’t show up for the date and you are hungry?
Or what if his wallet gets missing? Or maybe he is too broke at the moment to get you something to eat?
What do you do..? Stay hungry?!
Annoyingly most ladies on purpose when coming to meet their boyfriends, don’t come out with their wallets and expect to go back with the best meal sold; they expect this dude tagged “Boyfriend” buying their meals everyday… aha ahan fear GOD naww .. How much does your father give your brother as his pocket money per month ? Did I hear you say 40k? Oya let’s go to MAT111
N40,000 given per month
I pack of Pepper Rice/Chinese Rice– N600
Money spent on Food per every night’s when Tracking = Taiwo + Toyin
= 600+ 600 = 1,200
Total money spent per month on food when Tracking =1200 x 30= 36000
Money left from pocket money- 40000-36000 = N4000
*Ends Class*
That N36000 is only for food o! Calculate drink money too and that’s just for Dinner o!!
What happens to him buying lecture notes of even breakfast and Lunch (*oh ok garri can come in here sha*)

N.B: That is even if his Dad gives him 40k per month -_-
Your vals gift and birthday gifst are still there o!! *Faints*. A friend of mine used to save N3,000 every month for his gfs birthday gift i.e 3 x 12= 36k (maybe he would buy an IPod Touch then add money for cake) and she gives him nothing in return, *sad face* and yet they say we are not the stronger gender.
*Throws Mic away and then walks away from the podium *

@ayob_ reporting for EB
@ayob_ is the Editor of a famous Blog site and rants on his personal blog .you can all catch him there


Over the weekend rapper,Rick Ross arrived in lagos, Nigeria for the Summer Jam concert, which held on the 17th of august used the opportunity he never had to famz with naija peeps.

anyway as gist reached me , he visited Sura Market, Obalende saturday afternoon and shot some scenes for his ‘Hold Me Back’ video. Residents of the area came out in their hundreds to meet ‘The Boss’ and also appear in the video. you should trust naija peeps na ,they never dull at any opportunity. who knows —–

Another thing he did  was  he Tweeted that he bought a whole grocery store and distributed to the locals. can you imagine ??? mtchew. when did this happen that we did hear about .hmmmmm. ricky -badt guy!

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