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Concerning nursing mothers and pregnant women, you would not be allowed to stay fully in camp for the 3 weeks. After your registration you will be decamped because they feel that the camp is not conducive enough for your condition and state of health.  The policy is done to forestall avoidable emergency that may occur to the expectant mothers during the 3 weeks orientation Program, which entails some rigorous physical exercises. Read the rest of this entry



  1. 100_2007There are washer men and women available at your disposal for mostly the Aje-butter children and those who do not want to stress themselves. I can proudly say I used them. Registration stops 12 midnight preceding swearing –in day.
  2. Never forget to wear your cap
  3. You would be given your meal ticket. Never misplace it. I actually never used mine till end of camp.
  4. I never knew what otondos meant ==MUMU
  5. Adjustment of clothes: You definitely have to adjust your khaki given, no one escapes this. Make sure you do this on time and also make sure you follow those tailors up if not you would be given flimsy excuses. Ensure you negotiate price for adjustment very well. They think you have money to waste.
  6. You would meet different types of human beings the crazy, spoilt, razz, dirty, complicated, stupid,…… Read the rest of this entry



Today is the last morning drills and meditation that would be conducted for my batch .Sad much .It’s just now I started to realize how much I’m going to miss camp life, miss my new friends and also my platoon(Not everyone o!). There was not really much to do on the parade ground. All otondos were gathered together and talked to concerning what to expect after camp and things to do.

There was also final marching rehearsal for the selected few to perfect their steps before tomorrow’s closing ceremony. After the short meeting we were allowed to go and prepare for tomorrow.  I went straight to collect my redeployment letter and as lucky as I could be I was redeployed to 2 states ! wow. I was surprised so I picked one of the two. I was cleared and told I could leave camp. Some people didn’t even wait, they already started leaving.

I didn’t want to rush because I thought I and my friends had plans after camp. We wanted to spend one night together before we disperse. So I went back to my room, gathered all my things . Took my bath, went to mammy to chill with my friends. I had lunch. I collected my pictures from the various photographers. Then I also collected my video CD I booked for.

Today I decided to give myself a cool camp treat. I bought the nice sharwama, ice cream, chicken. I was very full that I went back to my room and slept.  i was told that we are to submit mattress by 4am.




Today , is the main day. we were all to be sworn -in and have induction ceremony. yay!!!

We were told to put on our full nysc kits .Thankfully , i adjusted mine which wasn’t my size early enough. In fact that morning , Tailors were still amending clothes and things like that .Everywhere was busy. Today i took my bath early to avoid embarrassment and also to avoid the risk of not getting water.

I must confess , i was excited about the whole ish. The program was slated for 10 am and we were to be on parade ground 10 minutes before tome. I quickly had breakfast to avoid hunger slap and unnecessary buying of junks.

When i was fully ready , i and my friends and new friends made took pictures and you know how girls can waste time on this. It was necessary o.


Everyone was at the parade ground , waiting for the commencement of the ceremony. We were delayed because the Govenor had not yet shown up . It was so annoying to be Under hot sun .


GOVERNORFinally an hour or two later ,  his representative came around an the program commenced. I actually didn’t listen to all their stories. i was at the back with my friends and her other friends. So i can say i wasn’t that bored .Hunger set in but was quenched by people selling things around.

Finally 3 hours later the program ended.

We were given time to cool off for the day but was told to resume on the parade ground the next morning. people who came today were given time to finish up their registration and documentation.

Mammy was full today. i met some new friends here and i can say it was okay. I have to stop here my battery is going off. Goodnight




Hello readers, I’m sure you have seen your placement/ state where you have been posted to .Congratulations to those who got their choice and Good luck to those who didn’t.

Below are the things you do not need in camp

Note: We have moved to a new site. So if you have any questions visit this link :UNNECESSARY THINGS PEOPLE TAKE TO NYSC ORIENTATION CAMP

  1. MATTRESS: Camp would provide that for everyone, so you don t have to take any there. It would be excess luggage and in most camps if you meet the wrong or maybe hungry (lol) officials it would be seized.
  2. CUTLERY: You might be surprised but yes, they seize them except spoons. Knives, fork and even metal spoons are seized because it is believed that otondo use them for negative things. ………… Read the rest of this entry


Hey people, today is Sunday . the first Sunday i  am spending in camp. i woke up early enough but at first didn’t feel like going to church . i braced up and decided to go. my friends were not ready early enough. also my top got torn so i had to look for something else to wear. to me it was like a sign not to leave but i just pushed that aside.

finally i and my friends were ready to leave for church , unfortunately we didn’t even know the location of the church. i would say we left aimlessly . there were different fellowships going on . There was  Deeper life, Redeemed  Winners , Anglican , Christ embassy ,Catholic e.t.c

we actually wanted redeemed but didn’t find it so we went to winners and by the time we got there service was over. too bad. we took communion and registered there. so i would say we just passed by church today. then we wen back to the hostel and straight up to mammi for breakfast.

i wore my short sexy shorts today , this time around not white but a black one. felt good to wear something apart from the usual whites we wear. today is a free day for all .Different people had time to themselves.


Football match was held today but i didn’t go . then i went to meet my friends , had dinner , charged my phone and when it was 10pm , the beagle was blown and i went back to my room.

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