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Fresh corpers of the 2014 Batch ‘B’ service that were posted to some northern states have bee redeployed due to the continuous and scary attacks and insecurity in those states. There were seven states which are Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano and Yobe.

The Director of Public Relations in NYSC, Mrs. Bose Aderibigbe, in a statement on Thursday in Abuja said the decision followed the high rate of insecurity in some parts of the North.

The corps members are part of the 2014 Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course scheduled to commence next week, August 5, 2014, Tuesday. The NYSC said due to logistic reasons, the orientation course will be conducted in two streams for different states.

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1. Most camps don’t have toilets, so ready to improvise.


2.Your kits given to you might not be your size. so its either you swap with someone (with begging of course) or you slimfit the wears but the boots are always bigger than your given size so i advice you get to camp early enough so as to get a small size as most times the small sizes are given to people who come early.


3. I advise you to get to camp early. As the good part or utilities such as rooms, beds, kits will be given to people who get there early.

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This happens at every camp. Suddenly all the guys and ladies are all single and ready to mingle. Married women remove their rings especially the ones who are still looking young and attractive.  Some purposely break up with their partners because they are coming to camp thinking they would find their one true love. SMH. People have that dumb belief that camp is a place to get your groove on.  Personally, to be sincere I had that thought till I got there and realized it’s not just worth it. The saying that what happens in camp stays in camp is true. Read the rest of this entry



Today is the last morning drills and meditation that would be conducted for my batch .Sad much .It’s just now I started to realize how much I’m going to miss camp life, miss my new friends and also my platoon(Not everyone o!). There was not really much to do on the parade ground. All otondos were gathered together and talked to concerning what to expect after camp and things to do.

There was also final marching rehearsal for the selected few to perfect their steps before tomorrow’s closing ceremony. After the short meeting we were allowed to go and prepare for tomorrow.  I went straight to collect my redeployment letter and as lucky as I could be I was redeployed to 2 states ! wow. I was surprised so I picked one of the two. I was cleared and told I could leave camp. Some people didn’t even wait, they already started leaving.

I didn’t want to rush because I thought I and my friends had plans after camp. We wanted to spend one night together before we disperse. So I went back to my room, gathered all my things . Took my bath, went to mammy to chill with my friends. I had lunch. I collected my pictures from the various photographers. Then I also collected my video CD I booked for.

Today I decided to give myself a cool camp treat. I bought the nice sharwama, ice cream, chicken. I was very full that I went back to my room and slept.  i was told that we are to submit mattress by 4am.







Morning o. After yesterdays event . Real camp activities start today. Morning drills held as usual.
We were separated into platoons today. Our platoon commandant and head were introduced to us . We all voted for our platoon executives but i was not interested in that. In fact i just didn’t feel like doing anything.

We started serious drills on marching and at first i wasn’t finding it funny but i got along. Luckily my platoon commandant was among the nicest and most understanding unlike some platoons.

Today is Friday so Our Muslim brothers and sisters were allowed to go pray from 1 pm which meant free time for me.

Lectures started today , We had EFCC,  Security and Traditional lectures in which i can say i didn’t even listen. Firstly , there were no chairs sufficient for everyone , the tent provided was so hot . I and my wonderful friends had to borrow bench from our customer at mammy . It was boring , not many people listened.


I actually wanted to listen but the crowd was something else , I couldn’t see and how boring it started to feel. I gave that up. Some people had to sit on the floor. We were advised to buy nylon bags to use on the floor in case we don’t get seats.
We rounded up lectures by 1 pm. Muslims were allowed to go and pray while I headed towards mammy for lunch. Went back to my room , slept then woke up in the evening strolled round , still met some new people.Had dinner and went for the socials.
Tonight was our first socials. Miss hot legs. It was hilarious as we even ended at about 11 pm.


Hey people, today is Sunday . the first Sunday i  am spending in camp. i woke up early enough but at first didn’t feel like going to church . i braced up and decided to go. my friends were not ready early enough. also my top got torn so i had to look for something else to wear. to me it was like a sign not to leave but i just pushed that aside.

finally i and my friends were ready to leave for church , unfortunately we didn’t even know the location of the church. i would say we left aimlessly . there were different fellowships going on . There was  Deeper life, Redeemed  Winners , Anglican , Christ embassy ,Catholic e.t.c

we actually wanted redeemed but didn’t find it so we went to winners and by the time we got there service was over. too bad. we took communion and registered there. so i would say we just passed by church today. then we wen back to the hostel and straight up to mammi for breakfast.

i wore my short sexy shorts today , this time around not white but a black one. felt good to wear something apart from the usual whites we wear. today is a free day for all .Different people had time to themselves.


Football match was held today but i didn’t go . then i went to meet my friends , had dinner , charged my phone and when it was 10pm , the beagle was blown and i went back to my room.

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