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Hello EB readers this week on Relationships , we would be discussing reasons why most ladies are single these days. The sad part is that its not just the young ones o. ! I’m specifically referring to the older ones who are getting older and are missing out on the most important part of a ladies life =”Getting Married”.

Have you sat down to check yourself ?? Some may even take it to a spiritual level which of course is not a bad idea at all. Some may be blaming innocent people for their predicament.
In our present days , we have lots of middle aged ladies who are yet to get married and all.
Have you checked yourself. Checkout the following reasons I would give and make a complete assessment of yourself.
1. Manner Deficiency :
Your Hot , pretty and sexy girl looks would not win Mr right when you lack character , manners and Good home upbringing. Its no more just the outter beauty that matters.
Just stop the nagging , being possessive , challenging with men in negative ways.
2.Wrong Packaging : As the saying goes , the way you dress is the way you are addressed. When you have the wrong packaging you attract the wrong Men. Sure we can say Looking good is cool. Some women in attempt to look sexy ,and appealing have derailed from modesty. If you dress high school, only high school-thinking guys will be attracted to you, and if you dress excessively sexy and provocative, only randy men will come to you for urgent satisfaction of their immediate sex urge, so don’t be fooled by media hyping of certain kinds of dressing, they are meant for certain set of ladies you wouldn’t like to be associated with, be careful.
3. Wrong Dating Principle :Some ladies when dating , they act and behave as wives instead of the girlfriend they are. When you have given your all to a guy , most of the would get tired and leave.
You should know that you have not been taken to the altar so you need to reserve some things for your husband to be, especially your body, respect it and preserve it at all cost.
Do you want to remain his girlfriend for life ??? So please cut down such privileges which include and not limited to: constant sex and companionship, good food and tidied home, etc.
4.Running from House chores: Of recent , many ladies now dislike cooking and home chore due to excessive exposure to modern media. Media now shows some Men playing the role of a woman. My friend do not be deceived o. A good home is not just by beauty. how do you expect a African man to desire to marry when he knows he is only buying more headache and trouble than helper for himself?
5. Bad Friends. : Letting your friends choose the man they want you to be with can be deadly. You might not take this serious but you should know that making such decisions is solely yours but they could drop in their advice. Do not loose your Man because one of your friends says she doesn’t approve. Some might be jealousy in progress.

Ok this is where I have to stop but if you have more points that could help or if you have any questions and advice , do not hesitate to drop them below in the comments box.

See you next week on RELATIONSHIP CORNER

Yours Truly Evatese


Much to everyone’s amusement, the Speed Dating Task proved to be very informative for the male Housemates because they got to know how to court the ladies, what makes them tick and what man they are ideally looking for. Kudos to Biggie for providing a romantic set-up for the task.

Zambia’s Dillish took a bubble bath with Tanzania’s Nando. Could this be another budding ‘friendship’ or could it all just be innocent? Something tells me we’ll find out soon enough.

In the wee hours of Day 4, whispers and smooches were heard in the dark. Our famous couple, Bolt and Betty, were intimate as usual, except this time it was under the covers of the Sierre Leonean’s bed. The frustration of doing ‘nothing but kiss’ could be smelled in the entire room.

Hunky Ghanian, Elikem, proved himself to be a player too as he bounced from Tanzanian beauty – Feza’s bed to join Fatima in hers. What does this move mean? Is he trying his luck or is this part of his game plan?

This week, Denzel, Betty, Hudda, Selly and Natasha are up for possible Eviction. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

Shy guy, Bimp and bootylicious Motamma; showed that while they may not be a people of many words they are definitely a people of action.

The Ethiopian dude and Tswana girl showcased their dancing skills as they tangoed the night away. Still reeling from the high of the Housemates’ speed dating Task, the twosome decided to shed the extra adrenaline with a sassy dance number.

It was clear that the Diamonds House duo were having fun with each other and not taking themselves too seriously as they floated around the living room in a flurry of bold movement and exaggerated expressions on their faces. The East African bloke had a rose in his mouth which he handed to his dance partner. Motamma on the other hand jumped about and squealed: “I want you”.

Big Brother The Chase’s very own professional dancer, Angelo cheered the pair on, chanting: “I love the emotion, I love the drama”.

Well, who says quiet folks don’t know how to have a good time? Motamma and Bimp have just proved that they definitely don’t mind having a laugh at their own expense.

Yours Truly Evatese


Hey EB readers, its Day 3 in the bba house and below is what went down

Task: Let’s have a quickie

This week  speed dating Task was taken on today , the Housemates headed out in the garden where they were greeted by a candlelit table. On one side of the table were seven hearts indicating where the ladies should sit. On the opposite side of the table were seven roses indicating where the gents were to be seated.

Can two minutes really change your life? That is what the Diamonds and Rubies had the chance to find out this evening.
Every guy and girl had a chance to have a two minutes long date with each other. At the end of the date the females gave each male a rating out of ten, one being bad and ten being good. Read the rest of this entry




Our Celeb of the week is a Multitalented individual. He is an Actor,Film & Music Producer, Businessman,philanthropist, Model. CEO Untamed Intergrated Services( Fashion,construction,Music,Events,films&TV). He is no other person than JIM IYKE

Born James Ikechukwu , to Nigerian parents Mr and Mrs Stephen Esomugha from from Enugu Agidi village in Anambra state. He was born on September 25, 1976 in Libreville, Gabon. His parents hail . He was the only boy with 6 sisters

After his primary education in Gabon and secondary education at federal government college, Kwali, Abuja, Jim Iyke had his tertiary education at the University of Jos, where he bagged a B.Sc. in Philosophy, after having earlier bagged a diploma in Banking and Finance from the same University.  Jim speaks English and Igbo fluently, and passable French. Jim loves to cycle, and has traveled around the world; he is an avid reader of almost every media, and loves to write poetry. He also mastered martial art, and has earned a Black Belt in Ti Quan Do.

Jim started his career as a Product Model in Lagos before he ventured into Nollywood in 2001. Read the rest of this entry


When i first saw this pictures i actually thought it was Wizkid . The striking resemblance is so much that one would think shes his twin. Her name is lade.

She looks cute tho

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