Hello readers, I’m sure you have seen your placement/ state where you have been posted to .Congratulations to those who got their choice and Good luck to those who didn’t.

Below are the things you do not need in camp

Note: We have moved to a new site. So if you have any questions visit this link :UNNECESSARY THINGS PEOPLE TAKE TO NYSC ORIENTATION CAMP

  1. MATTRESS: Camp would provide that for everyone, so you don t have to take any there. It would be excess luggage and in most camps if you meet the wrong or maybe hungry (lol) officials it would be seized.
  2. CUTLERY: You might be surprised but yes, they seize them except spoons. Knives, fork and even metal spoons are seized because it is believed that otondo use them for negative things. …………
  3. SOPHISTICATED GADGETS  Things like iPad  galaxy tab, laptop etc.  . These attract thieves and they are not necessary. In my previous post I said that you could take psp , games and novels in case you get bored.  In fact for those who have blackberries, you do not need others. You could just take a smartphone to camp. At least the lesser you carry, the better for you to watch. It reduces the likelihood of it being stolen or misplaced or damaged.\
  4. BIG/EXCESS LUGGAGE: There is no need to stress yourself in carrying things you won’t need. When you are packing, ensure you check my previous post on what to take. Those are necessities o. Also on your first day, you would have to be moving around with your luggage and God help you if yours is heavy. hmmm this is where OYO (on your own)  wakes up. If you get the top bunk, you might not have space to store said suitcase. Think it’ll attract thieves. The more it looks like you have, the higher the chances you’ll be targeted for theft.
  5. PRESSING IRON: It would be seized from you and won’t get it back till camp is over. Also, most camps don’t have sockets in the rooms and some don’t even have electricity in the rooms allocated for corper.
  6. FOOD FLASK: During my time, it was useless to me because I didn’t eat camp food.  I fed on almighty mammy food. lol . But when I got to camp, I did buy one but it ended up being useless to me.
  7. CAR: Why on earth would you take your car to camp? Are you trying to impress babes (for the guys) or oppress the officials?? It is not necessary. Some very strict camps would send you away or your tires would be deflated. It could be at a risk of being stolen.
  8. Boiling ring, iron, cutlery (don’t ask.)

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  1. Thanks for this Post (& the others). I’m going to the Edo camp 2moro and I just used your blog info to have an idea of the kind of things to expect & honestly speaking, it has prepared me mentally. Thanks.

  2. Dr.H. O . C Thomas

    The NYSC programme, today, is an irrelevance to the extent that it has not sufficienly addressed the ethnic problems it had envisaged .If it must stay it would need to be seriously retooĺled and,if you like, fundamentally rekitted with a view to making it a more liberal entity run.by well informed technocrats rather than by as it is at present a group of bureaucrats whose word is law

    ….Dr. H. O. C THOMAS

  3. Hello Eva, Just wanted to know that your post about the NYSC Orientation has really been of great importance to intending otondos… Keep up the good work. Kudos!!

  4. Babatunde Tosin

    I love d information

  5. Please I want 2 know if i can take a laptop 2 Camp.will it get seized ?

    • hello Kelvin. Thanks for reading the post. Yes you can take it but it might not come back with you. In some camps though you might not be allowed… The best advice is to leave it at home.

      • Thanks.But pls do u know of a way i can get access 2 internet on a computer NOT smart phone.I run a web design & hosting company and everyday, i have 2 remotely log into my server to activate or deactivate a client or 2 on a daily basis.
        This is so bad.I hate 2 be shut out of my business for 3 wks.Please send me a private email if u have any suggestion 4 me.thnks

  6. Thanks a lot Evatese, pls can you post the detailed time table of the camp activities from morning till night? I will be very grateful if you will help me do that. I’m really earger to know how many hours I will have for rest and leisure. Thank you.

    • Hello ifeoma , thanks for reading and droping your comments. There is no specific time table for camp activities. I think they are revised every year and also it depends on the camp your are in . but mostly the day is divided into 3 . you have morning session and a shortbreak then afternoon session then a longer break then evening session is minly to yourself

  7. Hello,wat abt those who are coming 4rm a distant place & wants to move once & for all?For instance,some1 who is based in Lagos & is posted to smwhere like Nasarrawa & Imo,Benue & d likes & do nt want to travel back home??

    • thanks for commenting T.girl

      well the one thing i can advice is that you should just have the money to buy your the things you need in your new state of location .
      because you definitely cannot buy everything you need all at once , talkless of taking them to camp .

  8. Thanks Evatese, ur posts have been very helpful in preparing for my otondo experience. Have u got any info about the allowee increment?

  9. alfredjarikre

    Reblogged this on The Papoose.

    • Hello,wat abt those who are coming 4rm a distant place & wants to move once & for all?For instance,some1 who is based in Lagos & is posted to smwhere like Nasarrawa & Imo,Benue & d likes & do nt want to travel back home??

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