Our celebrity of the week is the hot , sensational Smart , petite and talented singer ,MTN WestAfrica project fame winner season 3- CHIDINMA

Chidinma Ekile , hails from the eastern part of Nigeria ,Imo state. Born in the late 80’s and grew up in Ketu, Lagos. She is the sixth of seven children and last of three girls, with four other brothers.
She attends Four Square Gospel Church in Lagos and also in the choir
She grew up under strict Christian parents and became very involved in the church choir from a very tender age of ten. She attended primary and secondary schools in Ketu Lagos before the family relocated to Ikorodu.

In 2009, she discovered MTN Project Fame West Africa music reality TV show on television and followed the maiden edition keenly from the television in her living room, wishing to be part of the huge show someday.

Her dreams began to take shape when a close friend of hers encouraged her to go for the Lagos auditions of the third edition of Project Fame. She caught a bus from Ikorodu to ULTIMA Studios, the audition venue and joined the long queue of over 8,000 contestants, with only four hundred naira in her pocket. All she had was Belief..

Chidinma was short listed amongst the last eighteen contestants to go into the Fame academy. For the next ten weeks, she lived under strict tutelage from the Faculty comprising voice coaches, choreography, inspirational visits and sessions with established musicians and music business service providers, tough rehearsal drills etc

On September 26, 2011 Chidinma won the third edition of Project Fame West Africa, emerging as the first ever female winner.
The hearts of millions of Nigerians grew to love the petite and endearing twenty one year old girl. She now joined the league of the past winners with the likes of Darey, Iyanya, Mike Anyasodo and others. It was a beginning of a new world for her.

Her prizes included the sum of N2.5mm cash, a 2011 Rav 4 and an album production deal to cater to her album recording, plus music videos.

Her type of music is basically African. Afrocentric pop. She can be said to be An African culture lover as she displays such in her

Some things changed , like her hairstyle Which she changed to a low cut. At first I was surprised at the transformation but here’s what she has to say.

I am growing it back now though. The long hair was getting really tiring and this low cut has afforded me a lot of freedom when it comes to hair. I don’t have to bother myself brushing and prepping my hair in the morning. I just comb it a little and that’s it. With the haircut I get to sessions earlier now.

A lot of people actually asked me if I wanted to be a tomboy when I cut my hair. What I am wearing now was not the planned destination when I first cut my hair. It was initially a punk, very high and red too, but I started asking myself how I would go to church and carry this hair-do, then I changed it and it became like a mohawk, but it was still red and I still did not like it. It was changing my personality and people who used to see me as a good girl started seeing me as a bad girl. Basically, I was becoming the Nigerian version of Rihana’s “good girl gone bad”. People started asking me about my hair and one day I had a photo shoot and I looked at myself with my red hair and I just thought didn’t want to be looking like that in the photo shoot, so I called in a barber who I asked to cut off the mohawk. After that I did not know what to do and I had to go online to look for pictures and I stumbled on Diana King’s picture and I just thought this would be okay. But I later had to grow some baby coils on my hair.

The name Chidinma has become synonymous with the Music industry. She has worked with notable producers like Cobhams Asuquo, Teey Mix, WazBeat, Oscar Heman Ackah , Jay Martins, Tha Suspect, eLDee the Don, Omolara Ayodele etc. Her first single was titled JANKOLIKO! and features Nigerian music veteran Sound Sultan. The video was directed by award winning cinematographer , clarence Peters.

Chidinma has released four banging singles: ‘Jankoliko’ featuring Sound Sultan, ‘Kedike’ which had a cameo appearance from DammyKrane in the video, ‘Run their mouth’ and ‘Emi Ni Baller’ featuring Suspect & IllBliss.

Her musical influences include Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Fela Kuti, Omawunmi, Onyeka Onwenu etc. Her style is predominantly afrocentric pop music, with a lot of Nigerianness to it, clearly evident in her song writing and thematic range.

Chidinma is still in her Church choir and also one of the vocalists. She is managed by The Goretti Company.

Education has not been easy on her side. After she emerged the winner , Chidinma had to defer her admission but recently she’s back in school.

So that’s Chidinma for you. The very
Hardworking, persistent, patient, humble lady and who also loves God

Yours Truly Evatese

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  1. Chidinma my sis. it ill a sagacious thng if u ill only go back 2 God nd dwell HIM 4ever.

  2. Chidinma my sis. it ill a sagacious thng if u ill only go back 2 God with all ur heart nd wedd wif ur husband.

  3. Chidinma you are good one thing in life is this don’t forget GOD the creator thank you from dowell yours friend ….. Chidinma you luke like lizz benson

  4. Chidinma you are good one thing in life is this don’t forget GOD the creator thank you from dowell yours friend …..

  5. ozioma chinyeaka or hot angel

    i love u somuch and i lov to be like u by God grt,

  6. I luv u baby

  7. wow! wat dah hek! she is adorable pls keep it up dah lord is ur strenght dear.

  8. wow! wat dah hek! she is adorable pls keep it up dah lord is ur strenght dear.

  9. Nice style

  10. Chidima u are d best

  11. Chidinma u are a genius

  12. I luv chidinma

  13. I love you chidinma and project fame

  14. I love you chidinma and project fame

  15. I love progect fame

  16. i lv u chidima,i wish we could marry,love u 4rm d bottom of my heart,i hv never met a shuga girl lyky dis

  17. Prudence Nchong

    Dear, just kip on God is ur strength. More grace to ur able

  18. Dear, just kip on God is ur strength. More grace to ur able

  19. I love the girl chidinma indeed she is a good singer with sweet voice.

  20. Victoria velera

    Chi pls jst continue in ur Godly way,dont b like odas who jst 4got God nd went wayward bcos dey are in d music industry.lols

  21. Kip it up gal I luv ur songs nd always look urself u luk more beautiful on dat low cut.luv u gal ur biggest fan

  22. Onyedika chi

    I really love that grl chidinma frist becauze of her igbo name she did not 4get her igbo name and 2nd i like listening tn her songs bůt chidinma plz always put igbo languge in youŕ music thank u and i love u am stil that small ŕap

  23. i had chidinmas music when i was in U.S i love the music and then i was like am gona date her

  24. I luv chidima

  25. Chidnma which state ar u 4rm?

  26. She is cool ,hope she continue the way she started.

  27. D song be myself,i dnt realy get d msg of d sng

  28. I love this girl. From her first fidgety appearance on stage in PFWA till she emerged the winner, I raved for her. She is the only artiste in Nigeria I can pay #100,000 to watch. Go Chidinma!

  29. I really enjoy her song, she got a lovely personality, I would like to invite her to perform in some of GCC.

  30. i love chidinma so much and wish we can meet

  31. U 2 much jawe go on

  32. I LV U

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