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Today an unfortunate event occurred , one of the busiest places in lagos. A plaza located on breadfruit street caught fire and goods and properties were destroyed.
The fire which started at about 2:30pm this afternoon was quenched and a great disaster was averted by the response of the fire service. At least the whole building was not in shambles.
Shops and building were emptied out by the police force to avoid stampede. Both buyers and sellers were inconvenienced greatly

deserted shops

deserted shops

deserted shops

deserted shops


Hello EB readers , how was the holiday and festive season ??
A new exclusive series is coming soon on this blog. Watch out. O!!!


Hello EB readers , sometimes i ask myself why many sensible and responsible ladies are attracted to bad boys ? what can they possibly see in these guys ?
The painful part is that it is usually the good girls that are always victim of this circumstance.
There are no really known reasons why this happens which are known to me but from my perspective the following are lingering in my head

Some try to get what is familiar in the sense that most likely their dad was a little on the wild side and also rebellious so they therefore fall for this kind of guys.

Another reason is that many women serve as rescuers who help to reform some bad guys .these women think they can change him. But as we know its not advisable to enter into a relationship to save a man.

The most reason is that many women have a large and huge appetite for adventure
How do these relationships usually turn out? In a word, poorly and hurt comes along. That’s because bad boys won’t change unless they want to—no matter how long-suffering their partner might be. Further, despite initial attraction, most women get tired of bailing a man out of jail, wondering if he’ll make it home from a party, or catching him with another woman. Women who sign on with bad boys enlist for endless conflict and turmoil. Ironically, the very thing that draws good girls and bad boys together is usually their undoing. Many women have learned the hard way that bad boys make bad dating partners–and even worse spouses.
If you have further and more contributions to this issue , do drop in your opinions and experience and we as a family would reason together. Let’s save more good girls O!




Yay. Covenant university is 10. God has done it again.
It seemed like a dream but Precisely on October 21, 2002, Covenant University (CU) in Ota, Ogun State, opened its gates to 1,500 pioneer students admitted to pursue programmes. And now a decade after {10 year after}, this university has become a trailblazer and a pacesetter in educational system in nigeria and the world at large.

Covenant University was ranked the best Private University in Nigeria in the July 2012 edition of the World Universities Web Ranking. It is also ranked the best private university by the National Universities Commission (NUC).
Its student population stands at about 7,000, managed by 912 academic and non-academic members of staff.

The university which is an architectural masterpiece sits on about 300 of 530 acres of land acquired by the Living Faith Church, owners of the university.

The Chancellor and founder of the university, Bishop David Oyedepo, a renowned evangelist, has a big vision to make the institution rank among world-class universities within the shortest possible time.

It is perhaps the only university in Nigeria to welcome its pioneer students to purpose-built facilities at its permanent site.

Its vision is: “To be a leading world-class Christian mission university, committed to raising a new generation of leaders in all fields of human endeavour.” While the mission is to “create knowledge and restore the dignity of the black man via a human development and total man concept-driven curriculum employing innovative, leading edge, teaching and learning methods, research and professional services that promote integrated, life-applicable, life-transforming education relevant to the context of Science, Technology and Human Capacity Building.”

A decade down the line, doubting thomases are convinced that CU is not merely a vision but a reality, and that the university has lived and is living up to its commitment, with its core values – ‘Spirituality’ ‘Possibility Mentality’ ‘Capacity Building’ ‘Integrity’ and ‘Responsibility’ being displayed by its products and staff.

In Obayan words: “CU is being driven on the wheels of vision. We have been able to engage, think and plan the vision through our graduates. And then, there is active engagement between the visioner, the principal officers, the church, the proprietor base and even membership of the church.”
One anthem she keeps singing is that CU will be a catalyst for social and economic transformation on the black continent. Little wonder the university hardly concludes one local or international seminar, conference or workshop before coming up with another. This, Prof Obayan said, keeps the school relevant to the needs of the society.

“Here, at the Covenant University, we want to remain at the cutting-edge of excellence and innovation. We are creating a leverage whereby we look into issues in any facet afflicting the black continent socially, economically, spiritually or otherwise, and come up with a platform to address such issues with eminent resource persons seeking lasting solutions. And because we have a Chancellor who is ready to accommodate good ideas, he gives his approval and the thing gets done.”

Bishop Oyedepo said CU would make Africa proud in 10 years.
He said: “In the next 10 years, there will be more than enough to produce for the world to see, from the student platform, alumni platform, the faculty platform and from every platform. This is a new generation Harvard. My understanding is that in 10 years from today, it will be very clear that Covenant University has achieved a world-class rank in the first 10 in the world. In the next 10 years, we are going to make Africa proud because we will be sitting side by side with the top-most of universities. In 1986, Harvard celebrated 350 years. As at that time, they had 1.3 million titles in their library. They have been working hard and it will not take us anything to get there.”

Once again congratulations Covenant University!


So funny. When I saw this pic I had to share it to my beloved and dear EB family. I hope this enriches your day and puts a smile on your face.


Hey EB readers , it has come to my notice that heartbreak leads to untimely death o!.To all the ladies and guys who cause this effect you can as well be termed as a murderer .lol. Anyways , due to scientific research form germans it is said that emotional trauma can trigger a potentially lethal catastrophe in the body called THE BROKEN HEART SYNDROME.
It has long been claimed that people have died from a broken heart.
This is similar to a stroke or a massive coronary, broken heart syndrome causes the body to pour out adrenaline and other stress hormones.

This narrows the coronary arteries and impairs blood circulation. It also stuns the bottom half of the main pumping chamber of the heart, forcing the top portion to work much harder to compensate.
The lack of oxygenated blood reaching the rest of the body — and indeed the heart — causes breathlessness, pain and a loss of consciousness.

The patient can die as a result of cardiac arrest, causing the brain and body to be starved of oxygen.
Victims struggle to breathe, feel weak and have pains in the chest which are typical heart attack symptoms.
Doctors have long known the stress of a bereavement can trigger heart problems — studies have shown the risk of heart attack rises ten-fold in the 48 hours following the death of a loved one.
It’s previously been assumed that the patient already has an unhealthy heart as a result of bad diet or clogged arteries.
But scientists now say that a bereavement can trigger a specific type of heart attack very different from these ‘unhealthy’ heart attacks.

All this just due to heart break. So I am begging o all ye players , maga collectors , and heart breakers please desit from this act o.

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