Been a while on this segment on EB. This week our celebrity of the week is a talented  young  Nigerian female rapper , my name sake *winks* and hip hop artist , singer, dancer, model, makeup artist,  Creative writer and songwriter  , Blogger,  CEO Creative Director ‘makeupByOrsela Lagos. In fact she is Multi-talented.

eva - celeb of the week on EB

Eva Elohor Alordiah was born on the 13th of august . She hails from Delta State . She was born in Abuja Nigeria but travelled around the country as a child, from Asaba to Minna Niger state and then finally settling with her family in Lagos Nigeria. The Lagos bred rapper has four siblings of which she is the second girl. She grew up as  a tomboy because of her brothers.

” By the time I was two years old, I was already cutting my hair. I wore jeans and sneakers all the time. I remember growing up in the North, back then the region was peaceful. There were horses, camels, Fulani herdsmen, lots of mango trees to climb and fences to jump over. I had a lot of male friends and I used to climb trees a lot. I had cuts on my thighs on several occasions while jumping over a fence. There was this fence that blocked us from getting into a compound that had so many mango trees. In the mango season, the mangoes would fall to the ground and we (children) would want to go into the compound to get the mangoes because they were wasting. The North was so rich that everything was everywhere; fruits, meat, they were all everywhere. Because the mangoes were just lying there wasting we would help ourselves with some. I got hurt few times during that quest. I once broke a tooth.”


She started rapping at the age of 13 and decided to go professional at the age of 16. She recorded her first song at 20. After graduating from Secondary school in 2004, she decided to pursue a career in music/entertainment. Teddy Esosa introduced her to Zdon Paporella who helped her understand music business more. But with an admission into the University of Bowen to study Computer Science, she decided to put music on hold to bag a degree.

She however took the time to study the music making process going in and out of studios and then finally settled to record a song with Tha Suspect of Capital Hill records in 2008. The song, titled “I dey Play” featured Tha Suspect and was inspired by M.I’s single, Safe. With a good follow up and excellent reviews from the critics, the song went on to receive radio play and created a much needed awareness for her brand.

Eva Alordiah is not in Rap because of the bright lights or perks that come with fame.When asked why she picked rap music above all the other genres, she said:

“Music is a way of expression for me. If I could do it any better by singing then I would but rapping comes naturally and it’s easier for me to relate to people through rap music”

She has chosen to pursue a rap career because she is passionate about writing and putting rhymes together. She sees Rap as an Art form and with a strong belief in her own abilities she continues to impress pundits and critics alike with her effortless delivery.

Eva writes all her lyrics, very eloquent and delivers her bars beautifully. She graduated from Bowen University with a  Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Science and Information technology , Computer science in 2009 and since then she hasn’t let music down. Her career in  music  was borne out of a deepened love for the Hip Hop/Rap genre. After graduation late 2009, Eva decided to settle fully on her music, working with talented producers from Sossick to SarZ, Tintin, eLDee, M.I, TK, and more. With an increasing anticipation from the fans, Eva released the single “Relentless” on April 1st 2010.


Eva says her parents are supportive but whole she was in school that path was not in line with what her parents wanted for her.

“Because I was in school when my music career started, they did not like my career path. They did not exactly tell me to stop doing music. My father just told me that I had been serious with school for a long time and he hoped that I would not come back home and say I wanted to drop out. He advised me to ensure I finish school. I love school, I have always loved school, I was one the best students in some courses. It was entertaining to me. I just was not on the path of dropping out to do music. Because he understood that, he let me do it, knowing that I had always been good with my grades. I don’t think he really had problems as such. My parents are very sweet and calm. They would let you do what you want. I know that my father can not stand tattoos. That is the one thing I know he can not stand, not that I want to have tattoos. There are boundaries. I don’t think wanting to do music was crossing that boundary with my parents. My parents are very supportive people”


She released her first ever studio recording with the help of Tha Suspect early 2009 and titled it ‘I dey Play’.  A mix tape single  with she collaborated on with Producer Tha Suspect early . Fans and Critics alike praised the song, which was recorded over Lil Wayne’s instrumental for the then top single “A Millie”. The song  went on to become a fan favorite and received airplay on radios, gaining for Eva a maximum level of recognition. She however had to finish University as she was then in her Finals, studying for a degree in Computer Science.

She took this time off the spotlight to hone her lyrical abilities and music writing skills. With her free time for the better part of 2010, Eva continued to put out free music like most rappers did for her fans to enjoy, building for herself a larger fan base as she did so.

“Music really helps me express myself in ways I couldn’t ever imagine possible. As soon as I step onto the stage to perform, I get lost in a completely new world that is magical and selfless.”

Eva went on to work collaboratively with other artists such as Str8buttah, ID Cabasa, Knighthouse, Kel, Cartiair, Beazy, Tha Suspect, M.I and many more, increasing her fan base and building for herself a platform for the release of her own music.
In late 2009, her collaboration with ‘Str8buttah’ chuned out the rap single “Make em say” which is featured on thier “Illastr8 II” mixtape and successfully crowned Eva as a lyrical rapper to be feared by her counterparts. Also in the same year she featured on Cartiair’s single “Owo ati Swagger” which went on to be nominated in the HipHop World Awards and the Soundcity Music Video Award shows.


Eva is a fan and avid listener of such impeccable lyricists as Eminem, Talib Kweli, Rakim, JayZ, Eva’s dynamic delivery and lyrical abilities shine through effortlessly. She has clearly mastered the art of Rap music and shows no signs of intimidation whatsoever.

“I wanted to record a song so desperately at the time. I had just graduated from Secondary school and it seemed perhaps that I had a lot of time on my hands before University. Everything I have achieved today as a Rapper/Entertainer has exceeded expectations, and it’s all been a surprise, it’s much bigger than what I prepared for -that is if I prepared at all. All I wanted to do was Rap”

In 2011, Eva announced the release of her first body of work “the GIGO EP” . After the release of GIGO EP , the level of hope for female rap in Nigeria increased to a substantial level. Eva was hailed the best Female Rapper in Nigeria by professionals, going on to receive Awards and nominations to further stamp proof of her stand. The GIGO EP was released in November 2011.’ThisDay’ newspapers went on to hail her as the Future of Music.


“I wanted so much to have a music project out. When you are a rapper, the first thing you think of most of the time is having a Mixtape. It is what Rappers do, especially when you are Indie and not signed to a record Label. But I didn’t want just a mixtape. I wanted to invest in my own original music regardless of the fact that I was putting it out for free. I just wanted an Eva collection for the fans.”She says of the EP.

“You say you’ve been around hitting it, I Done did it, Now you’re getting paid a millie a millie, I Done did it.” The lyrics from Eva’s official first single from the EP “I Done Did it” was set to resonate with all who heard it. Released in 2011, “I Done Did It” stayed at the No.1 position in music charts across Nigeria for weeks, as the fans and media could not get enough of it. Critics hailed it as the best rap song from a female rapper, DJs rated it as a must play.


Not keeping her effortless music skills to her records alone, she added more works to her portfolio, working on high rated collaborations across Africa. The fierce female rapper and entertainer has been featured with other acts including P square, Jesse Jagz, Waje, Femi Kuti, Str8buttah, Shank, Bez, Sauce kid, D’prince, Ice prince and many more.

Her official debut on TV, the video for “HIGH”, a slow paced rap song from the GIGO EP was released in 2012. Directed by Award winning director, Mex, ‘High’ met with great reviews, enjoying constant airplay on the big screens. It was premiered exclusively on MTV Base in May 2012. Taking a daring bold step with this song, regardless of its tempo and obvious risk with competing fast paced songs, Eva proves she is all about the art.

“Oh I absolutely enjoyed working on this video. Mex is such a very understand person to work with and he has an interesting way of interpreting the pictures in my head. I think I did a good job you know? Having create, conceptualize and style yourself in your own video is a lot of work. But when my Manager, Mex and Myself hooked up to do this project, It really was a good mix of creative juices. I want that again..” Eva says

Recently , after the #childnotbride issue , Eva opened up during a radio interview with Hot fm Abuja Breakfast show with Cheezy Charles and Tutu, that she’s a victim of child molestation.

Responding to question on why she has remained silent on the child marriage issue, she said,

“We are such a country that is so blessed by God. We don’t have earthquake, volcanoes, tsunami. We are problems to ourselves and this is disgusting. I come from a background where I was molested as a child. Definitely it’s a serious situation where you have to put a child through that type of trauma.”

Eva is also singled out from the rest due to her spectacular hairdo . When asked about her hair style she says

“As for my hair, I am just spontaneous and edgy. I generally hate to step out looking ‘Normal’. Haha! Really. So if it is abnormal, in terms of color, style or what else, then it was made for me. I’d find a way to rock it till it appears normal. The fun part is my female fans always want to do the same hairstyles I do. And they are always waiting for the new one. That means a lot. “
I have always want to be different. I never like to blend in with the crowd. It is not just because of music, I have been like this for a long time. I remember back in the days when my friends were measuring their beauty with the length of their hair. I was not interested then so I cut my hair. I had my hair coloured when I was 15 and my mother did not really mind because I was not bringing trouble to the house and I did not have bad grades. I was just messing with my hair. I have been messing with my hair for a long time. I really just like to be different. As long as what you are doing does not bring shame to the name, Alordiah, and you are focused on school then my parents are okay with you.


With no doubt EVA is a  young  and vibrant rapper who is on her way to a huge successful career in music, with an ever increasing fan base to back her up (including me LOL). The energetic performer ,Eva has had a several Record label offers at her without ever settling on one. Remaining an independent artiste, with help from her management 3UD Brand Management, Eva Continues to excel in her craft, one intelligent song at a time.

Being a jack of many trades , Eva is also into makeup artistry . She  is the Chief Makeup artist, Creative Director , Owner and Founder ,makeup By Orsela since May 2010  till now  .The company  gives Professional Makeup artistry services for a wide range of clients in Photography, Fashion, Music, Movies, Film/Tv.  Nurturing and Overseeing the development of Budding makeup artists from the school extension at Makeup By Orsela

“Makeup artistry is something I delved into by chance and out of total curiosity when I was in Secondary school. And thanks to the fact that I was a pretty brilliant fine artist, drawing and Painting people’s faces with makeup wasn’t such a difficult thing.I do my makeup myself for every photo you’ve ever seen me in, for my videos, my events and everything else. I think that is just a makeup artist thing, we are skeptical of other people working our faces. (Laughing)”

Eva is also  a Writer and  currently writes for several blogs and Fashion/Music magazines.

“My life started as a writer. I was writing stories in class; these stories were in my notebook. One of the notebooks fell into my father’s hands and he thought it was a good story so he was trying to help me get it published. I really thought I would become a superstar writer. It did not happen because I got into school and music came in. When music came, the writing part of me delved into writing music. I was listening to a lot of Eminem and I fell in love with rap. Writing then became writing rap music. After secondary school, while I was waiting for JAMB result, I began to take pictures of myself and kept telling myself I was cute and could model so I got into modeling. That’s where my love for arts and pictures came to the fore. Because I wanted my pictures to look like those of the models on television and in magazines. I began to find out what make-up was and I began to buy make-up products. I taught myself make-up artistry. Now I own a make-up company, Make-up by Orsela, I just really love to paint and paint faces.”

As a result of her creative writing prowess, Eva was granted her own column in the ThisDay newspapers, a national daily in Nigeria. The column which she titled “My undecided State of Mind’ is published in the papers every Friday. In it, she takes readers on a thrilling, suspense filled ride with short stories week after week.

List of released songs

  • Owo ati Swagger Remix – with Terry tha Rapman, Gino, Cartiair, Dagrin
  • I no send You Remix with Tha Suspect, Blaize, Sasha, Mocheddah, Muna, Zee
  • Relentless
  • Tonight a tribute to Late Rapper, Dagrin
  • The Squeeze – Cover of ‘the Squeeze’ by Gangstarr
  • 6Foot7Foot – Cover of 6Foot7Foot by Lil Wayne
  • I stay – Cover of ‘One Man’s dream’ by Yanni

The GIGO EP (2011)

Awards and Nominations


– Eva was featured in the BET Hiphop Awards Cypher 2011

– WINNER “Female Rap Artiste of the Year” ELOY AWARDS 2011

– WINNER “Female Rap Artiste of the Year” ELOY AWARDS 2011


– Nominee “Next Rated” HEADIES AWARDS 2012

– WINNER “Best Rap single, Female” YEM AWARDS 2012


– WINNER “Most Promising Act to Watch” NIGERIA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS 2012

– Nominee “Artiste of the Year” DYNAMIX AWARDS 2012

Eva shows that being a celebrity does not mean your childhood days were irrelevant  as she revealed to a site her favorite childhood toys. They were table soccer (No not the fancy fusball table, but those ‘canta’ & button for table soccer. Yea, those things where you put the button on the cover & kick free kick, and use sugar box as goal post. LOL)and gameboy.

Table soccer steez from yester-years...
“I don’t see relationships as unnecessary but I see s*x as unnecessary. It was created for married people. It is seen as a part of relationships by this generation because people are influenced by what they see on television and read in magazines” she had stated.

Congrats Eva ,more grease to your elbow o . We hope to interview you someday. What do you think about Eva??


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