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Hello to you … Today i have a very important question to ask you … Which is worse a Bad Husband or a Bad Wife ????

I know everyone has their reservations and sides so let us rub minds together and share our views…


Can distance really make the heart grow fonder? Hi EB readers, Today is Relationship Friday so  we are discussing this imporatnt topic which is a question that has been on my mind for a long time .This is a question that i am sure 80% if not more of people have had lingering in their minds.

Well today , lets discuss it . I can say that distance relationship is a very difficult and easy task at the same time in the sense that its difficult to stay for weeks , months and sometimes years not seeing your loved one and at the same time its easy as it takes two matured and mutual hearts to make it work .

Seeing that all the benefits that come with a face-to-face relationship which provides companionship, communication and even sex is not there. hmmmm…



Distance Relationships are one of the most difficult things in life to keep up with. My question for you all is — Does distance really make the heart Grow fonder or wider ? Do this relationships work ? does distance stand the test of time ? we often hear people say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But does it really? Or does distance drive a wedge between us and our loved ones?

Love is tough, whether is long distance or not so you can imagine adding distance , its tougher but only hearts that are true to each other survive and stand this test of time. Long distance relationship gets its importance because a lot of the relation­ship gets a slow painful death over the course of year if two people in relationship stop giving attention to it. It is not a walk in the park but it definitely is something worth working hard for because there is love involved.



You need to accept the reality that keeping the relationship alive is hard work, and you need to be ready, emotionally and mentally for the effort you need to put in. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Or does distance   just evoke happy memories that we all think we want to revisit.


When it comes to long distance relationships is it out of sight out of mind? Or does absence really make the heart grow fonder? The Separateness Factor Every long distance relationship has one thing in common— distance. Whether it’s only a few miles or several thousand, being apart is a major focus of the relationship. Long distance relationships occur for many reasons. Sometimes one partner relocates for school or work. Sometimes the relationship started off as long distance. Maybe a chance meeting while travelling or dating online led to the relationship.

You may find that time apart from your significant other just confirms how much you love him or her. So how do you handle being separated? Being apart isn’t always easy, but thanks to modern technology, connecting with each other is simpler than ever. Although Skype or phone calls are not exactly the same as being there in person, they can count as quality time. What about moments of physical time together?Where there’s a will, there’s a way—so always look for options. Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Life is ever changing and long distance relationships are no exception.

Another key factor is how you feel when you are alone. Do you miss your partner because you are lonely? Or do you miss your partner because you want to share your life with him or her? Sometimes we do not truly appreciate what we have until it is gone. Having the long distance between you can actually serve as a wake up call to clarify your true feelings. That’s a good thing!

This experience also gives you and your partner an opportunity to develop trust, strength and resilience both as a couple and as individuals. While separated you expect the goals of relationship to be upheld. This may include fidelity; open communication, sharing finances and a whole lot more! What a great way to test the relationship and yourselves. You may end up developing a greater depth and affection than ever imagined or otherwise experienced.


Thanks for reading and i hope you gained something. So does distance really make the heart fonder or wider ??? share your story, experiences , opinions with us.



Hello to you , Today the topic of discussion is CAN TWO STRAIGHT MEN KISS EACH OTHER ?

Everyone has their own opinion and views so i am throwing it out to you because i believe and i know your opinion counts.

I was going through a post which put up two straight men kissing each other … Does that add up  Read the rest of this entry


Today on LETS DISCUSS , an important issue has been brought to my notice . I was reading an article in magazine about relationship and sex . So my question for today is —–


Some people feel that they cant have a sexless relationship , Do you think it is a pre-requisite to have a successful relationship ? is this a criteria for you ??? Does this issue come from the Guys or Ladies???  Are you the No sex  No relationship type or you beleive that sex should be after marriage ???

Air your mind, drop your opinion ,lets rub minds and LETS DISCUSS!!!!!!

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