100 Level student of Covenant University , known as  Bisi has had probably her worst nightmare as her photos and even a video of her twerking  nude   has been all over the internet and you can trust social media for spreading news within a second. It is that bad that her story is trending on twitter .

Another girl, also believed to be a student of the university, has tweeted her apologies for the leaked video. But unfortunately its too late as Bisi has been expelled from the university who frowns at immoral or let me say such behaviours.



In the clip, Bisi is seen completely naked, dancing and twerking with her fully clothed roommate who goes by the name MhiZ Jacklyn on Twitter. Bisi’s racy video is currently trending on Twitter. A few hours ago, the friend clarified that she didn’t leak the video. She claims that a male CU student took the video from the recycle bin on her laptop.


Covenant University - April 2014 - BN News - BellaNaija 01


Whose fault is it ? Bisi or Bisi’s friend or The guy who leaked the video ……


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  1. just a fun as peers has gass out her dignity.becaeeful.

  2. The guy who leaked it should be blamed.. He behaviour was pure immature n unprofessional.. Its high time code of conduct should be taught in school cuz what he did is invasion of privacy

  3. A blog is suppose to have current news.. Maybe U should arrest the journalist who printed pictures of delegates sleeping at the national conference.. Eva keep it up. N this should be an eye opener

  4. she is still in skool, she isnt getin expelled… soo.. get ur facts straight… geezz.. the skool is even tryn 2 help her because dis is a very traumatic period 4 her.

  5. Hmmm..dis is gonna b a long talk

  6. Eva did nothing wrong. If u are done with dis blog, may be I should let u knw dat dis is my first time of visiting dis blog, so u out and am in. Dats what it is. Why should the bitch twerk naked?

  7. its your fault

  8. eva didnt expct such from you. am done with dis blog

    • Hi anonymous , i understand your plight and im sure you are an alumni of the school . Well firstly i didn’t want to put the post but some of my readers have been pestering for that post and stuff . I can’t say im right about it . And if you read the post i don’t support what happened to bisi .The news is actually viral not just my blog ….. Well sorry if i let you down with this post ….and thanks for reading my blog till now …

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