Hi readers , fans and visitors welcome to Evatese  Blog !.

Basically this blog is one in which you’ll see anything and everything. It does not limit it self to one topic but as many as there can be. It’s just like how your mood changes, is the way this blog’s each post changes. its also about all you need to know.  I blog because i love it .It makes me happy to add value to the world.

I really hope my  blog would become a part of your daily routine because  you are the reason for this page existence ; to visit whenever you feel bored, lonely , need of gist,and when going through the hustle of the day- to-day activity


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  1. This is awesome…its info-tainment n educational renewal……it redefined/rebranded learning

  2. Good work! Keep it up, GGMYB

  3. Nice one , looking forward to d topics U̶̲̥̅̊ have in mind

  4. Cool,educative,interactive nd entertaining

  5. 9ice 1 oooo…..didn’t kno Ʋ wer in2 dis….wudnt gues dat…..its kul tho,ama gona b statin mine soon 2 bur it wud b mor of fotography…..cool tho….ℓ☺ℓ!!!

  6. intriguing start 🙂
    that’s a beautiful blog theme, btw !

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