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                                  Since the tenure of the current Governor of Lagos state , Babatunde Raji Fashola,  new rules have emerged on traffic and road usage. Can we say its for good or bad ? well definitely these new laws cant favor everyone at the same time . Though deterrence and the need to sanitize Lagos prompted the law, many believe that the traffic laws are made for the poor and helpless, as the rich can easily pay the stipulated fines and walk away free.

Do you think these laws are avenues for law enforcement agencies to enrich themselves(police ,LASTMA ,VIO ,KAI) ?

Lagos state roads have claimed the lives of so many innocent commuters in the past years . Some of the reason can be blamed on the craziness of Lagos state as a whole . The hustling and bustling seems never to cease.Sadly the human factor contributes to 80% of the crashes. In 2008 , Lagos was declared the most dangerous city in the world in terms of accidents.

Seal of Lagos

Seal of Lagos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some New State Road Traffic Laws

1.Restriction of trailer movement . Trailers have been restricted from moving within the hours of 6. am and 9. pm

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The president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, a...

The president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, at the Nuclear Security Summit, in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today Thursday April 18, 2013 the president , Goodluck jonathan would be visiting Lags for the ACN  party convention. The ACN, in a letter signed by it’s National Publicity Secretary – Lai Mohammed, said it’s National convention will also hold on the same day at Onikan stadium in Lagos.It complained that the visit of the President may lead to the closure of key roads in the city,therefore hindering its members coming from across the country to gain access to the venue of the convention.

The ACN however, urged Governor Fashola to use his good office to prevail on President Jonathan to reschedule his visit to Lagos, insisting that the attendant disruption of traffic may lead to frustration for Lagosians.

Also today , as some gist passed by my desk , i heard that Dame Patience , wife of the presdient is hosting an event at Eko Hotel , Victoria Island ,Lagos.

So you can imagine the catastrophe – Mainland , Onikan Stadium and Victoria island …

So for those who go to work today please be prepared o !!!!

My Advice :

Plan your movement VERY wisely.
If you don’t have a genuine reason to go out, stay @ home.
If you can:
*leave your cars @ home.
*leave very early & plan to close late.

Ididnt say you should not go to work but if you can please Do not Go

Be Warned!


Do you think the presidents visit should lead to traffic ?  Drop your comments and lets Discuss



It was a sad day in the life of  20 year old Naomi, a Victoria secret worker never knew what fate had for her.  an unknown person wearing a niqab threw acid in her face as she walked home from work on Sunday December 30th in Lodge Avenue Dagenham, east London.

Naomi told The Evening Standard that she was on her way back from work when she heard someone behind her. She explains:

‘I’d been working a late shift and was talking to my boyfriend about what we were going to do for New Year when I saw this Muslim woman wearing a niqab covering her face. I thought it was a bit strange at that time of night, but she didn’t say anything and I kept on walking.
‘Then I felt a splash on my face. It burned and I screamed out. I started running and screaming, holding my face, all the way home. I didn’t look back. I got home and I was screaming and banging on the door. I was hysterical. Luckily my godmother, who is a pharmacist, was at home with my mum and she helped me and kept dipping my face in water and trying to calm me down until the police and ambulance got there.
‘I was in shock. Saying: “Who would do that? Who would do that?” How could anyone do this?’.
Naomi recently released photos of her disfigured face after police failed to find the person who did this to her. She’s now appealing to the public to help her catch her attacker. She said she would never feel safe with her attacker still at large. She also said the attack has destroyed her life
‘I look in the mirror and it just isn’t me. I’ll never look the same again. I’ve always been outgoing and confident in my job and in my personal life, used to getting attention for the way I dress or my hair, but now I don’t want anyone looking at me. I don’t want people to see me in public. I don’t want to get the Tube or the bus. If I have to go to the hospital I take a taxi.
‘I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to my job. I was planning to go to college in September to study media and fashion, but I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do that.
Even with the support of my family and friends and boyfriend I feel very alone,’ she said. ‘Nothing is going to be same anymore.’
Naomi faces years of skin grafts and plastic surgery



OK o!, it has happened O and this time its UNBELIEVABLE

Over 190 Air Nigeria passengers at  Gatwick Airport as at  8:30am  were stranded for up to 8hours o just in a bid  yesterday morning to fly back home . The travellers were informed of lack of ‘fuel’ to fly the aircraft to Lagos, and were  then told to contribute extra £40 (N 8600.06) each for purchase of ‘Aviation Fuel!

can you just imagine such . well after different episodes of drama and sorting for the fuel , the plane left Gatwick airport at 4:30 pm and arrived Nigeria at about 12:30 early this morning. the best part of this episode is that the passengers were shocked to be informed to come back for their luggage!

A lot of them are so mad about what they went through yesterday and are planning to sue the airline company and it’s chairman, Jimoh Ibrahim.

The question is if you were among the passengers, what would you have done ?



From tomorrow Monday September 10th, Air Nigeria will no longer fly…for at least a year.


Over the weekend rapper,Rick Ross arrived in lagos, Nigeria for the Summer Jam concert, which held on the 17th of august used the opportunity he never had to famz with naija peeps.

anyway as gist reached me , he visited Sura Market, Obalende saturday afternoon and shot some scenes for his ‘Hold Me Back’ video. Residents of the area came out in their hundreds to meet ‘The Boss’ and also appear in the video. you should trust naija peeps na ,they never dull at any opportunity. who knows —–

Another thing he did  was  he Tweeted that he bought a whole grocery store and distributed to the locals. can you imagine ??? mtchew. when did this happen that we did hear about .hmmmmm. ricky -badt guy!


bolt has done it again. he made history again by regaining his title as the fastest man on earth with 9,63 sec

four of the fastest men Justin gaitlin ,Usain bolt ,Yohan Blake ,Tyson gay made the competition very exciting. they all finished under 10 secs.


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