Ok i know i am late in this series of updates of what going on on BBA 2014. Well im back and God help me. So the show started some 3 days back and i’m sure you all know the new housemates.


Anyways, this 9th season is going to be the shortest season as due to the launch date which was moved from September 7th  after the Big Brother Africa (Hotshot) Houses, in the Sasani Studios in Johannesburg, were burnt to the ground on September 3. So this season is gonna be 63 days of  crazy, nice , fun , and suspense.

In all 26 housemates from 13 countries – Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Namibia, Rwanda, and Malawi – will battle out for the grand prize of $300,000

The Head of the House is Tanzania’s Laveda who is now immune from eviction in the coming week. So one housemate will be going home next sunday . who will that be ? definitely not Laveda, so who ? keep your fingers crossed.



October 6 , finally the housemates were welcomed into Biggie’s house and given a tour .  Uganda’s Esther and Macky2  were the  first  to make the  Jacuzzi useful as  Sabina,Goitse, Mira and Butterphly started shaking their what their mamas gave them! nice. For Luis, he took the first day as an opportunity to let every one  have a long look at his packs…(Can’t recall how man are they)… Oh, ,, hope this was to make the ladies make a choice before the mess up their decisions!

The housemates also had drinks and dessert on the brain, forgetting their main meal. Throwing this together seemed to be a challenge for a group claiming to contain so many cooks, but Lillian took charge early on and handled dinner with aplomb, while Arthur and Samantha lent her a hand.



Today was full of Diary sessions for the housemates.The HoH Laveda calls everyone together as they have another task from Big Brother. Each housemates must also prepare some of their hidden talents, which will take place after the first task. With regards to the task for the housemates. Laveda tells the singers they must write new songs, poets  new poems. The housemates must make a list of instruments and equipment they may need for their performances on Wednesday night at the talent show. “Practice, practice, practice” Big Brother tells the housemates.

Tayo Tayo is  feeling a bit ill, they are talking about the air conditioning, wanting Biggie to turn it down. He says that his lips are getting dry. and In her session, Lillian said her voice is gone, she doesn’t know what happened but she’ll get better.

First arguments as the Nigerian Reps were n a heated arguments over what was made out to be the discrimination between the rich and the poor in terms of the acquisition of a Ferrari. Lilian, the female representative seemed to have been offended by something Tayo, the male representative said to her claiming to have been insulted by Nigerians!!

Can you predict any romances? Any budding friendships? Who do you think is going to be this week Hotshot?


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