Alyona Ipatova starved her 5-month-old daughter to death

I was really surprised when i got this news. How can a mother starve her own baby to death , the 19 year old teen mother Alyona Ipatova from St. Petersburg, admitted the charges and confessed she had left the child alone in the apartment and had been missing for 14 days, Mirror reports.

Upon returning Ipatova found the dead body of a baby girl. Meanwhile the defense represented by lawyer Oleg Kiyashko insisted that the troubled mom had asked the baby’s father to help her look after the daughter:

“Yes, she left the child at times. Although she left her, sometimes she came back in the morning or the father was at home, so he could still look after the girl.”

All the attempts made by the defense to alter the charge from the murder of a minor to causing death by negligence yielded no results. The woman was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment with hard labour.


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