How Much do Ladies Spend on their Hair Yearly ? African Women spend $1.1 Billion Yearly.

It has been gathered that Ladies tend to spend up to half a million naira on their hair yearly if not more .. Do you agree with me ?


A new market research by Euromonitor International has revealed that in 2013, women in Nigeria, South Africa and Cameroon alone spent a whopping $1.1 billion on their hair, Reuters reports.

That is quote a lot of money…

BN had a quick chat with Esther Ogble in Abuja, she said

“I need to braid my hair so that I will look beautiful”.

The 25-year-old said this while wincing as her hair was being combed, tugged, and woven.

Another lady 37-year-old Josephine Agwa in Wuse, Abuja says

“The ones that don’t want to come (to the shop), they call us for home service.”

20-year-old South African student Buli Dhlomo whose next plan is to cut her hair short and dye it “copper gold  and can spend up to 4,000 rand ($370) on a weave. says

“I get bored if I have one style for too long,” who sports long red and blonde braids.

“It looks really cool. My mum had it and I also had it at the beginning of the year and it looked really good,”



The craze for hairstyles has increased in recent times especially with that for “Human hair and the demand for hair products and human hair extensions is constantly growing Where ladies want to have long hair that look real and natural.

Nigerian singer Muma Gee recently boasted that she spends 500,000 naira ($3,100) on a single hair piece made of 11 sets of human hair.

Ladies spend thrice the amount they spend on daily feeding  to make a hair.Reuters reports that as of 2013, Mintel market research found that the Black hair care industry was a $684 million market . That estimate wildly inflates to $500 billion if extensions and sales from independent suppliers are included.

So men would you support your ladies in making their hair at a high cost inclusive of the expensive nature of the weaves….?

Ladies how much do you spend when you make your hair and can you estimate your spendings in a whole year ??




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  1. Informative piece. The sad part was that by the time all those hair is fixed on African women, they looked like something completely different from who they truly are and the perception was that they should assume the attitude of the superficial being on the head. Imagine if this same amount was spent on researching how to best tackle gender inequality in the continent?

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