This week on the CELEBRITY OF THE WEEK Segment, i would be talking about an individual who is  Talented, Gifted, Fun-Loving,  An Afro highlife pop rnb songwriter, A Songstress and Performer .IN short a multitalented Individual. Not to forget she is a believer of God and has great passion for music.


Yemi Eberechi Alade was born on the 13th of March 1989 in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Abia State to a business woman, Helen Alade (Nee Uzoma) and Police officer, James Alade.  She is the fifth out of Seven siblings which consists of  four brothers and two sisters and she is the last girl. Yemi grew up listening to popular music of the late eighties and early nineties. She has a mixed identity as her heritage is from both the South east and west part of Nigeria. Her Mum is from Abia state while her dad hails from Ondo state.

She had musical influences all around her; from her father singing and swaying while he got dressed for work and her brothers blasting the stereo to the loudest while doing house chores. With music all around her, little Yemi started belting out tunes and in Primary 6 she composed her first song.


Yes, I can say so because I was surrounded by music. My mum was always singing, my dad was always dancing to Sunny Ade’s music and my elder ones were always grooving to the latest music. Apart from this, I used to be a chorister in the church.


Right from her childhood music has been in her dreams. She started singing in her church choir at the age of 12 , in her secondary school she was the lead vocalist of a girls group called Naughty Spices which she was known as Ginger. They were partially signed on by Storm Records at that time  But the split happened when they all  gained admission into different universities. As a result, we were in four different parts of Nigeria.  As a child she attended and participated in various music and dancing competitions.


Her primary education was at Saint Saviours British Primary School, Lagos while her Secondary Education was at Victory Grammar School, Lagos. In 2005 , Yemi started making music.


“Even after secondary school (Victory Grammar School) when people asked me what it is I wanted to do in life, I did not say I wanted to be an artiste. I think it (music) sort of chose me”.


In 2009, Yemi participated in the Peak Talent show the maiden edition in which she emerged as the winner. This was the beginning of her Music career Officially. During this period Yemi was in her 3rd year in the university so she took a year off to complete her degree  in Geography at the university of Lagos.

She signed on to Effyzie Entertainment , a record label . In 2010 she released her Début single called “FIMISILE” which rocked the radio and TV waves and with over ten thousand hits on YouTube in barely a month. She featured Eldee. After that in July 2012 she released another single called “”GHENGHENLOVE ,produced by the Legendary OJB , which was a monster Hit and also has a video for the track directed by Gambit Pictures , with the executive director Taiye Aliyu(CEO effyzzie music Group). In 2013 Yemi released another single titled “BAMBOO” shot by Director Frames


She has also released songs like birthday song and My head O!! Produced by Shadybizniz, Uche Face featuring L.O.S and produced by EL-MCEE, also Bamboo produced by Fliptyce , Faaji Produced by T-Flava, GhenGhenloveRemix Ft Iceprince and Sasha P produced by OJB and Show Me produced by OJB again. she has made the rounds in the industry; performing on over one hundred stages across Nigeria, featuring on tracks with major acts such as Dipp, IcePrince, ELDee, M.I, Sauce Kid, Shank, Sir Shina Peters, Waje, Wizkid, Yemi Sax, to mention a few, plus working with big and budding music producers; OJB Jezreel, ELDee, E. Kelly, IBK, MajorOne, SizzlePro, DJ Klem, Bigfoot, Shadybizniz, Dtunes, Nomoreloss World renowned South African producer; Garth, and Flip Tyce etc.



what does the Yemi Alade brand stand for? I stand for strength, beauty and finesse. I stand for strong African women. I know a lot of us say that but I believe that one way or the other, I try to put that into action. Even in my lyrics, in my personality, confidence is one attribute I try to make sure my music has and be able to convey to any woman that listens to my music.


An ideal fun time with Yemi Alade can be described as a “make-believe day” of fun



Start up the day with wine, good movies to watch on TV, cool friends hanging around. We’ll start up with a comedy so all of us are laughing and next thing; we’ll go to one of those movies where they are slashing each other and blood is just everywhere – bleh! Bleh! – and everybody is scared. Later on, we leave the house and get ice cream and popcorn, gist and gossip – pizza, of course. And then, we just hook up at the club and dance. We dance to ‘Johnny’ and dance to ‘Johnny’ and the only thing I’ll be drinking is champagne. So, that’s what a fun day would like for me – lots of champagne, lots of friends, lots of music. I’ll probably throw off my shoes at some point but I will not flash anybody some things, you know na


Yemi’s Fashion style is described as “Easy & Simple”  and we all know she has a good dress sense mostly decent and once in a while – crazy.


You can call me a fashion Chameleon. I don’t like to bore myself or my fans and I dress based on my emotion and environment. At the moment, I just want to be graceful with my style. I am also working on my album and it is titled King of Queen. It is a man’s world and the only way to succeed is to do it like a man; and the way to do this is to also look like a woman because you are a woman. So, I am trying to bring out the feminine side of me as well as my masculine side.

“Once in a while I throw a wildcard of insanity for you to be something like, ‘wetin this girl dey wear?’ but my key words for fashion are ‘simple and a bit edgy’. You can also throw in ‘classy’ somewhere there.”

“I always had melody in my ears” says Yemi Alade as she traces the meeting point between her and music.



Well concerning her Love life she doesn’t really speak much of it . Recently couple alerts and rumours sprang up aconcerning She and Alex Ekubo who starred as Johnny in her single “JOHNNY” of which were just rumours . I wish they were true., they look cute teogether.




Dont they look cute together?

In an interview with BN she revealed ;

“The right guy for me has to be understanding, definitely hardworking and e go be like say I dey quote Jesus now if I start to go on and on about it. But, one of the outstanding qualities, since I’m building a man of my type, is that he should be able to understand my career. Secondly, he has to be God-fearing, no doubt.”

Behind The Scene of Yemi Alade, Song titled ‘BAMBOO’ It a loving and sensational song.

She has been nominated for different awards and also won awards like; NEA awards and others.



Play Yemi Alade – Johnny


Play Yemi Alade – Birthday Song


Play Yemi Alade Feat. Ice Prince & Sasha P – Ghen Ghen Love Remix


Play Yemi Alade Feat. L.O.S. – Uche Face


Play Yemi Alade – Faaji




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