1. Most camps don’t have toilets, so ready to improvise.


2.Your kits given to you might not be your size. so its either you swap with someone (with begging of course) or you slimfit the wears but the boots are always bigger than your given size so i advice you get to camp early enough so as to get a small size as most times the small sizes are given to people who come early.


3. I advise you to get to camp early. As the good part or utilities such as rooms, beds, kits will be given to people who get there early.

4.Do and at all cost avoid the bunks or bedspace near the doors especially the toilet as you would be inhaling some dangerous odors for 3 whole weeks . hmmm. Also the bunks or bed spaces close to  the entrance door are not so cool as your belongings are prone to their happy thieves. Also when the soldiers and officials come in to chase people out you are their first targets and victim. So be wise..


5. Try and join OBS . You can sometimes escape some boring activities especially those hot afternoon parade practice…. But i would say you avoid  joining band because you will be made to practice day and night.. My friend was an example. I also hear that they usually promise that those in the band will be posted to companies and town center but my dear, don’t be deceived.


6. Your luggages will be ransacked by soldiers while searching for forbidden items. So when arranging or packing your boxes know how to arrange them.


7. Queuing up should become a part of you . At camp Queue is the main thing. You queue up to bath, to fetch water, to eat , and other activities.


8. Dont over-slim fit your khaki because when you wash it , it shrinks. Be careful .


9 Lectures might be long and boring but not all .especially if you have friends you can talk to or gist with to let time fly. Funny enough its not everyone that would be able to hear what is being said. So whats the point… So make friends..


10. Just respect the soldiers and officials else camp will be a living hell experience from you .And don’t form over-familiarity with them else you calling for trouble especially the Ladies. I am sure you know what i am talking about.


11.No drugs allowed o! except you want to be sent out of camp.


12. Mosquito nets are quite useful as they can serve as a protective measure for you belongings , also they can hide you from officers incase you want to hide but its not a good idea when caught. Also if you take the lower bunk the nets can prevent anyone from staying on your bed or stepping on it …



Finally , What happens in camp stays in camp…….

Take note of all of the above and also my previous Advice posts. If you have any questions or need help please feel free.. Enjoy camp. Also if you want to add to these post please also feel free use the comment box below.


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  1. Hi. You are amazing for doing this. Im headed 4 camp ds coming tuesday after jubilating abt being part of those exempted due to measures to control the spread of ebola

    I can say ur site has eased my mind. And I am very grateful.

    Is there a way I can contact u. Im interested in featuring your insightful work on my blog or vice versa. Kindly respond. Or u can contact me on pju_42003@yahoo.co.uk


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