Hello readers, hope you are all fine? Well today is Another Friday and i am sure you know what we talk about on fridays on this blog ?? Well if you dont its RELATIONSHIP friday where we discuss issues that matters to us in our relationship part of our lives.

Every weekend especially saturdays worldwide, lots of couples become one, they get married and we all celebrate. But i can say that many of these couples do not know the difference between wedding and marriage. So today thats what we talking about. So that you know what you are getting ready for ..

First of all , Marriage is a lifetime contract which is not to be broken as vows are made between the couples who want to share the rest of their lives together.

A wedding usually takes place for just a few hours and for some a few selected days but A marriage is life long till death or nowadays divorce of a partner.
A marriage is an institution while a wedding is an occasion. Its only a wedding that is performed by a church or religious leader while a marriage is granted by the state with a license or certificate.
A wedding is an occasion, ritual or ceremony that kicks start a marriage. In reality, most couples prepare more for the wedding rather than the marriage.
A lady once said, Wedding is the formality while the marriage is the reality.
Many individuals confuse these terms as same but in reality they are on different side of the coin.
Some girls or even some guys just love the idea of a wedding where you are treated special, people gather just for you …hmmm.
Some ladies right from childhood had always imagined and dreamt of how they would look like in that special white gown and a veil all over….for some its just a fairy tale…
Marriage is a no joke. I know of quite a few couples whose marriages just lasted for a month , some a week and some a year. Im sure they were not ready for such commitment.
So which of them are you looking for ? A wedding or a Marriage ? Choice is yours.


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