Hi readers and prospective and current Youth corp members. I am sure you have read my other posts and advice for NYSC survival and help . Today i will be briefing you about important aspects of your one year program . I categorise them into 4 stages. Before i continue i hope you read my post on things some tips before you leave for camp ?  if not then read it here.

In order to successfully complete your NYSC program without a hitch. Ask yourself this question

If your answer is no  then this post is for you



Yes this is the part and stage that everyone gets freaked about as most times their choice or desired state is not being given instead they are thrown to random states not desirable. Well the good news here is that you can redeploy based on some specific grounds. Before i continue, i hope you have packed your bags and getting ready for the orientation camp? have you packed what you need and necessary  and hope you didn’t take unnecessary things It is compulsory to attend as without this stage you cannot have a certificate and infact cant have a place of primary assignment which is the next stage.

Say goodbye to your family, friends as you embark on your journey to serve your fatherland. Some people ae lucky to be posted to where they reside or even their state of origin.

Lots of activities and things happen here and i can say for most people except the anti-social individuals this is always the best part of this NYSC program. As i said in my earlier post it could be the best 3 weeks of your NYSC experience and also the worst and boring 3 weeks for you , the choice is yours. I have written lost of posts on this stage .This stage ends with a Military Parade . This progresses you to the next stage :STAGE TWO


On the day you pass out of camp, you will be issued with a posting letter which you would take to your PPA in which you were assigned to. This is where the rest of your next 10 months will surround. Dont forget its a selfless service o , so you might not get a good place to your taste. Most people get posted to rural areas() when i say rural areas i mean places where you have to walk for 30 minutes before you see the next building and some places you would have to get on a canoe to get to work daily )

According to facts , 80% of Youth corpers are posted to rural areas while 20% posted to town centers. The annoying part is when you get rejected by your initial PPA. hmmm . That is not a good one as then you would have to look for a place to be accepted or be at the mercy of posting officials. The accommodation is another issue especially with the little 19,500 being paid monthly. If you are lucky enough your PPA might pay you monthly stipends. Where i served we the corpers were not paid anything throughout our service so i can say i was part of those who really served the Nation *Winks*

NOte that if you redeploy, you might not be paid the first 3 months alawee . I know of a lot of people who were not paid only few lucky ones were paid.

The “Who i Know” syndrome can come in handy here as it can help you get places of your choice. Another thing you should be aware of is most corpers are mobilised to states far away from where they live or even their origin which can sometimes be difficult especially for those who don’t understand other languages. Communication level can be very difficult, you may be seen as a stranger but it would be nice to blend in silently so as not to be spotted. Some states treat corpers like queens and kings while some is the opposite. Copers are seen as baits and vulnerable people to kidnappers, ritualists, robbers, and many more evils. They can be easily deceived as they have no idea of the happenings , cultures of the environment where they are posted. So in all you have to be careful.

Before i head on to the next stage, make sure you register on time so as to be paid your monthly alawee on time and to avoid unnecessary discomfort. If you are rejected quickly get to your local government secretariat so that you can be sorted and you can also get a place to accept you , then you would be issued an acceptance letter to take to the secretariat. Dome copers can take up to 2 months to be posted so do not delay as not to elongate your service period.

In the case you are accepted, you take your acceptance letter to your local government secretariat, and they register you officially into the local govt. Then you are also registered for a programme called ‘CDS’- Community Development Service.




This stage takes place with Stage 2 at the same time. After you have been accepted by your PPA you will be issued an acceptance letter and other documents which you would take to your local government secretariat so that you can be registered. Make sure you have the following with you so that you don’t get sent back.

  • Enough Passport Photos
  • Stapler and pins
  • Blue, black ,red pen
  • Tipex
  • Photocopies of every documents required such as Acceptance letter, Nysc posting letter, school letter and all documents you used at camp .It is advisable to have 4 copies each.
  • Eraser etc.

Also be careful when filling your forms. Avoid making mistakes as some officials might not take it kindly and i am sure you want to be on their good book throughout your service year.

NAFDAC CDS Group Oyo State

After you have successfully completed your registration, you will be posted or put in a CDS group which you would have to attend the meetings once a week on a scheduled day weekly.


Roll Back Malaria NYSC CDS Group Nasarawa during CDS meetings

Some people are lucky to be put in groups of their choice while some are forcefully posted there. There are wide ranges of CDS groups such as Charity, EFCC,sanitation , ICT ,MDG , band, Drama etc. You should endeavour that you don’t miss these weekly meetings as attendance is usually taken and if you lag behind in attendance, your service year can be extended for 3 months or even repeat the year. Trust me i have people ho have fallen into this category.

Every month a selected day of the week is assigned for clearance so as to be paid the monthly Alawee. Also dresscode is your Khaki trouser and white top and your white tennis shoes or NYSC boots.

Also try and be useful to yourself during stage 2 and 3. you can have projects done for the community or even learn a skill and improve yourself.


Corper Francis Chidozie Okoye, a 2012 Batch B corps member single-handedly constructed a Motorized BoreHole, Renovated NYSC Building, constructed a 20ft by 6ft Directional Bill Board and constructed an Executive Peacock Bird (Okin bird) at Owode Market Traffic Junction,which is seen as the symbol and Pride of Offa Kingdom, amongst so many others.



The last and final stage . Congrats if you made it to this stage. This stage is the last two weeks of your service year, There will be practice for final parades, CDS final clearance will be done before this 2 weeks. After the parade which i can say is a waste of time except that you will reunite with old friends and people from Stage 1.

After the ceremony is over you will be issued with a certificate of completion  and those who have extra months, disciplinary issues and extensions will be notified.

Some corpers who distinguished themselves will be honoured during the parade and given honorary award. Its all over now so what next

I hope you enjoyed this post and gained from it .If you have more information and would like to add to this ,contact us . Also if you have nay questions feel free to ask. To have a comprehensive advice for NYSC i created a boot camp /crash course which would be very useful




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