Things never seem to amaze me but this one is different. A Nigerian woman Mercy James who has been pregnant for 14 years finally gave birth to a baby girl on 7th of June 2014.

Mercy narrated her ordeal and experience of being pregnant for 14 years to Vanguard Newspaper.

Read below


“When I first took in, I knew that I was pregnant with signs and test that confirmed that I was. Four months later, I went to the hospital for another test, the result showed that I wasn’t pregnant, but had fibroid.

“Subsequently, I began to experience bleeding, at least once a day. Sometimes, my tummy would protrude in the semblance of pregnancy. I went to different hospitals, and I kept on receiving the same result that nothing was wrong with me. But deep down inside, I knew that all was not well with me.

“So I was taken aback when a midwife told me I was pregnant. But considering the test which showed I had fibroid, I was angry with the midwife for giving me what I felt was a false prophecy of hope. Thereafter, I started going from one church to another and from one native doctor to the other. The results that I got from them all remained the same. I became more feeble and confused that I prayed for death to come.

“I went again to the midwife two years after and complained to her about the pains that I was going through, she told me again that it was not fibroid but pregnancy; she advised me to be more prayerful so that God will deliver me from the hands of the devil. I kept on praying and at the same time asking myself that if truly I’m pregnant, why is it that the baby was not kicking?I bought many concoctions that they said could cure fibroid and drank them. I even drank 12 bottles of a local cleanser but to no avail.

This went on for years. Then God took pity on me and decided to wipe my tears.On the day I gave birth to my baby girl, I initially thought that worms were trying to come out of my body not knowing that it was a baby. This was what I told the midwife when we came to her. But after examining me, she told me to push. I ignored her. I became unconscious for about 15 minutes and when I regained consciousness, I heard the cry of a baby. I was surprised and confused seeing my baby. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Hmm,I thank God for my life and that of my baby, Miracle. I named her Miracle because she is truly a miraculous child”.


Miracles indeed happen.


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  1. Victoria velera

    Our God is truely great,exceeding grace nd srange works indeed.

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