Another prophecy from a spiritual leader in Nigeria Guru Maharaj Ji, born Mohammed Ajirobatan Ibrahim, who declared himself to be the Perfect Living Master, Guru Maharaj Ji and is also called the “Black Jesus  revealed that the Super Eagles will win their match against Bosnia-Herzegovina today.How true can that be ? Well lets find out today by 11pm.

He revealed this in a statement on Friday. Maharaj Ji declared that despite the fact the he had warned them before the World Cup started, that they Eagles should not wear blue pants, and they not heeding him, he will still intervene and ensure they do well. In his own words;

“I was expecting that the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) would get back to me as they did during the Nations Cup otherwise the team has no business being in difficult situation but all is well. The grace is there and no doubt will take us higher even though we spotted blue stripes in the goal keeper’s jersey which should not be there. When a doctor prescribes, the patient must follow, especially when it’s coming from the source of man’s existence on earth, the giver of life.

I said they should not use Britannia colour blue but as “asiri eko onitu loju ewe” literarily meaning that the Eagles will not be put to shame. Now they have to go for the ball like wounded lions for something to happen. Nigeria has the light and the victory is for Africa

So will Nigeria beat Bosnia ??? What do you think ?



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