This is a heartbreaking news reaching EB now . Another black Friday as  Singer Kefee who has been in Coma since she collapsed is dead.


Some sources revealed that the doctor declared that her chances of survival were very slim and she couldn’t survive it . She was in and out of coma and finally gave up the ghost at the Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas NV, after her heartbeat stopped naturally. . It was confirmed on Wazobia Fm . Her Husband lost Kefee and her unborn baby.

She was six months pregnant before being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia which is  pregnancy induced high blood pressure. This was noticed after She had embarked on a 14-hour flight to Chicago for an event but went into coma, forcing the plane to land in Los Angeles so that she could be urgently attended to.

Dr Adeyefa, a medical doctor in Nigeria , says

“Kefee is in a precarious situation because of the six months pregnancy. If the foetus had been nine months, the doctors would have removed the baby and saved the mother and child.

“As it is now, not only will the baby not survive because the carrier is in coma, Kefee may also lose her life from further complications. The chances of the mother surviving is narrow, while the kid has a narrower chance. I urge Nigerians to pray for her, that’s all she needs.

She suffered from brain damage with numerous nervous seizures.

Kefee’s husband Teddy Esosa is with the body in the US..

May God grant her eternal rest! RIP kefee



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