Hello readers, everyone talks about getting married, how good it is and all but people hardly talk about why you shouldn’t get married. Yeah i know you might think i shouldn’t write this post but well you are already reading it . When you done reading this post then you can now decide if getting married is for you or not…


Before i go any further i have to let you know that marriage is a commandment from God and its right (don’t get me wrong) but  are you supposed to get married? I would take you through some solid reasons you shouldn’t get married. Most of us have hit the age where most everyone we know is married, engaged, or dying to get married.

I’m going to take you down the thinking lane ……..



Marriage is not for the feeble minded. Is your mind matured enough to be able to live your life with just one person not minding the bad sides ? Are you ready to hold your tongue, lower your voice and sometimes wait till the appropriate time, day or even month before you can deal with an issue thoroughly… Can you suppress your anger not letting it take a better part of you ? If you can’t  don’t get married

Marriage is for the mature.


Getting married reduces your freedom band. Are you the kind of person who still yearns for freedom to do as you please without considering others ? Then marriage is not for you at least not yet. If you do get married and still have those yearnings for freedom then you just made a mistake. Are you the person who always complain of you  wanting to always go out and have fun with your friends ? you dont want to miss that  trip or  want to spend holidays with your friends whenever you choose to, then if you get married with this in mind you are gonna trap the other person ….so you see why i said you shouldn’t get married at least not yet.

Marriages restrict the freedom of individual which is true. Single people on the other hand can happily live their lives pretty much as they please without having to be concerned with the needs or wishes of others.


Ok marriage comes with responsibility from both parties but mostly the Guy. You both have to take care of your family, do household chores etc. So if you can’t even take care of just you then how do you expect to care of another… Marriage is not for you

4. SEX 

I know some guys who tell me that they can’t imagine just being confined to having sex with just one woman or man for the rst of their lives that they still want to explore other options  and have spontaneous sex..Let me ask you this time, do you think marriage is for this kind of person ? Well NO.


Marriage is not for career freaks who always want to be … i am not saying that we as humans shouldn’t go after and have a successful career but when you get married you need to realise that your career should not be placed first before your family. If you know you still want your career first and don’t care about other things then why do you want to get married ?


Yeah this is a big one that most people tend to overlook. Do you feel you have enough finance to start a life with someone else. As the guy who we see as the head of the home, do you have enough financial stability to cater continuously for another ? Do you have enough money for the necessities that come with marriage ? Do you know how to spend money wisely ?


As the woman, do you know how to compliment your man ? do you know how to be wise in your demands? can you help him when he is down financially ? Some ladies still have the idea that men have to out earn women well we have successful women…. Think about these few questions…. If you answers are negative then marriage is not for you..


This is another important question to ask yourself.. If no then Marriage is not for you as it involves being able to sacrifice even what you love most…


This one is kind of flimsy but trust me its an issue for people especially the ladies.

9. KIDS!!!!

Kids are a gift from God but do you actually realise that…..? I have actually spoken to some people who tell me that they don’t want to have kids. They feel its stress and they still want to have fun and enjoy themselves. So why get married ?????


Are you being pressured by family, friends and society? are you worried about getting too old or past the age for marriage ? all this fears can make people rush into marriage. One thing i have seen and know is that 80% When you rush into marriage you might rush out. You might end up getting married to the wrong person and all…..Never let pressure make you get married….


Another common reason people get married or let me say become a couple…. In most countries mostly African continent i am not sure how it is in other countries… Most people are forced to get married because of this baby bond. People who are not even compatible are forced to get married. Well form my own point of view, i don’t think this right…. Marriage should not be because shes having your baby but it should be because you want to…

12. FEAR 

You are scared that you no one better will ask you to marry him/her.This kind of thinking suggests that you don’t think much of yourself. People who think this way aren’t sure enough of themselves to hold their own in marriage and are generally unhappy when they do find their true self.  Dont get married….

Being married is a full time commitment and its for life,You might not be ready for marriage after all, it’s an enormous commitment. It’s vital to be emotionally mature, mentally ready, and financially sound, just for starters.  It definitely pays to wait until you’re 100 percent ready, even if that comes years down the line.

With these few reasons of mine, i hope i have been able to convince and not confuse you that you shouldn’t get married…..till its right.

Please drop your comments, opinions and experiences with us….





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