Hi EB readers , i hope you had a nice weekend ? Yes its monday and i know that is one day of the week dreaded by people especially those who live in Lagos State. Well unfortunately you cant avoid it as the saying goes “Man must Hustle”


In the first part of how to survive lagos traffic, which i posted some time back i talked about 9 useful tips that can help in Lagos traffic. Today i am back with the concluding part and this time around i am dropping 7 Tips when driving in Lagos.


The question is how do you optimize the consumption of fuel, control overall cash spending on cars and still achieve extended vehicle life?

Here a few tips i would advice you really consider… Opinions are welcomed.

1. Always have cash on you 

Ok . This is very true. You might make an intentional mistake which members of Lastma or even the police might not consider so .

2. Sometimes Consider the Freeway.

The expressway alternative may seem quite longer and maybe more time consuming, but the truth is your engine needs an inner bump every now and then and those seemingly favourable short-cuts don’t do your engine any good. Driving on freeways with high speeds foster better engine lubrication and helps improve mileage (lower fuel consumption) comparatively especially when you use air-conditioners and higher gears.




3. You don’t always need to Drive

For those who have the luxury of BRT buses around where you reside, i would advice you put that in as an option. You actually don’t have to drive everyday of the week , take that particular day(s) off . At least you would be off the hustle and stress that comes with driving in traffic.

4. Have an insight to when traffic builds up

Yes, this is very important as having just a little knowledge of the times of day and week when traffic is at its peak would go a long way.

During work days, Mornings and Evenings have the highest traffic situation. To manage this and reduce the effect to the barest minimum, you have to wake up very early.

Mondays are notorious for heavy traffic jam because a lot of people are either rushing down to work or ending a weekend trip. There’s always a mass exodus from one area to the other so knowing how to beat the rush hours will save you a couple of hours.

Afternoons are relatively okay, so if you are visiting or having appointments that doesn’t require you to report in the morning, afternoon is your best bet.

The Traffic returns in the evening. It is worse from about 6pm to about 9-10pm because people are in a hurry to get home. If you are a bit patient, the traffic becomes lighter as time goes by.

There are various mediums to use like Radio station dedicated to traffic Traffic Radio Station 96.1FM, also Twitter medium such as @traffixNG , @Gidi_Traffic, @trafficbutter etc.

5. Areas that are always choked up 

Places and roads like Oshodi , Third mainland bridge, Lekki Epe/Ajah Expressway, and Ikorodu Road are places that you cant avoid traffic. If you know more areas kindly drop them in the comment box below as you might just be helping someone.


6. Best Times To Move Around

The best times to move around in Lagos is at Nights and during the weekends.

7. Love Yourself and people around you.

You actually need to love you and start acting like you actually do love yourself and people around you. The FRSC always give estimates of number of deaths in a particular period, this can be avoided as a large percentage of these accidents are as a result of human factors and errors.

Obey the Traffic rules and pray to God for protection. All in all be WISE!!!!!

Thank you for reading. If you have any thing you can add please do not hesitate, all voices and opinions are welcomed.


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