Its unbelievable how Four years  seems just like yesterday. The first day i hit the publish button and made my hobby turn into a reality. Its been fun all the way. Today EB is a year older and i am really excited.



May 8th was the day i made the leap and made my secret hobby a reality and not just that but also adding value to the lives of others in many ways.

On the night I hit publish for the very first time, I would have never imagined that I would still be writing today. I thought it would be a temporary hobby, but three years later, being a “blogger” has in a sense become a piece of my identity.

I have loved the whole journey and learned so much through it all, the best part is that I can count each and every one of you who have  encouraged me during the frustrating times, for sticking with it, reading loyally, remembering your favorite posts, commenting, liking and following and generally just taking the time to read the things I share on the internet- you have truly made a difference to me. Without you, I wouldn’t be anything! I love reading your comments and talking with you. :)So thank you, merci, gracias! Let the good times keep rolling.

I no longer jump up and check my stats every morning, I’m past that now. Ok, I still take a peek now and again. 🙂 Blogging is not a money-maker for me, by no means. But it has given me a chance to do what I love, write, and talk about various topics! Happy Blogiversary to Me!

This milestone of blogging marks a new year! I have some new segments I will debut, have more collaborations, and possibly even a new look? (just wait, and see) I hope to broaden and expand my horizons even more this year.


This blog has become a part of my life, i sleep, eat and even breath my blog (well kinda)

There’s been plenty of times during this third year, when I’ve thought to myself, “I’m not sure, if I can really keep writing,” “I’m too inconsistent,” and “are my post really making a difference in the gluten-free community?”

So many times in the blogging community, people are curious about your numbers. Of course, I want readers, people to “like” my facebook page, or to follow me on twitter, but this year especially I’ve learned that I can’t get so caught up on the numbers.Because at the end of the day, a number isn’t going to bring me joy. The joy comes in the words, my words and the thoughtful words from my readers.

I am planing a Giveaway  to mark this blogiversary so if you have any ideas let me know and also sponsors are needed.

So, I want to thank you all fellow blogger friends and readers who were with me during this journey. Your each and every word made me happy and encouraged me so far. With other work in life, I still could find some time for the blog as it makes me so happy.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much for your readership and support! Cheers to awesome four years of blogging! I hope you all will support me in my journey for further years!


Your one and only Blogger,


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