Previously on EB , there used to be a face of the week competition but was suspended due to logistics. But now its back and better.


This time around the face of the week  lead to the face of the month competition where the best face of the week throughout that particular month would be showcased for a while and who knows the winner might just be you !!!!

Are  you confident of yourself ,  are you good-looking , are you are beautiful and proud of it ? Do you know someone who fits into this category? then why not enter into this contest… It might be that perfect chance to hit the spot light.

Readers, viewers can vote & Select the Face of the Month for 29 days.. This contest can be entered from tuesday to  friday of any week to be considered for the following week contest. For the face of the month contest , voting ends on the 28th of every month at 2:00pm, while for the FACE OF THE WEEK CONTEST voting and entries close at 8pm every friday.

To be a part of this contest, Send 3 Closeup photo to our Email id – evaetese@gmail.com

Vote our Favorite Face for the FACE OF THE WEEK. It is going on Every Day …….

You have the  chance to WIN! After a “face of the Week” is selected by most votes, the winning photo is removed and voting resumes from zero as the NEW contest  begins. Voting ends at 2:pm each Friday, after which the winning photo and cover art will be posted.

This starts from today!!!!!! Spread the news


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