Hi readers , i just want to ask you all a very important question today .  Garri which is a very popular african meal made from cassava tubers. Cassava flakes(Drinking Garri) is one of Nigeria’s most consumed foods. I call it a universal life saving delicacy .

D'banj - Koko Garri - March 2014 - BellaNaija 01

Many people have this belief and mindset that this meal is for poor people ? True or false ??? I am sure you too have had that concept before or maybe you still feel it is. Well to me Garri is a meal that comes in handy anytime … Many celebrities have been seen taking this meal either drinking it or as a meal . Some people hide when they take this for the fear of being ridiculed. I would say be proud of yourself as some people cant afford it ..

I personally love the meal especially taking it with milk and sugar and not to forget Groundnuts…

So dear readers , what do you think ? is Garri a poor man’s food? Opinions needed.


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  1. When I was growing up, it was commonly said that Garri was a poor man’s food including okoro soup and mackerel fish. I think most people have moved beyond such preconceived notions, I love Garri, it’s so quick to prepare and I love it with Okro soup.

  2. Is not for d poor or rich,it only depend on wat u take it with.

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