This movie was so so great despite the fact i watched it in 2D . Steve Rogers who is a part of SHIELD deals with attacks on those closest to him . The adrenaline rush was crazy for me though . Also i was fascinated by the range of technologies in this movie . Mind blowing i must say

Captain America battles a new enemy called the Winter Soldier who acts on instructions which is to kill .
At first i was kinda confused on why he was really aiming to kill Nick Fury but well the whole suspense was relieved when the mask which covered his face was removed by Captain America and unfortunately it turned out to be his best friend from the past who he thought was dead . I can imagine how he felt .

The saddest part was that he couldn’t remember Steve.
The conspiracy in this film was unbeatable and unpredictable.

Scarlett Johansson who was the co-star was really hot in the movie .She was Natasha Romanoff my hero though.

Samuel L Jackson who is the SHIELD chief  as Nick Fury was also amazing . I was scared when he was pronounced dead ,well i knew he wasn’t but i couldn’t predict until closer to the end of the movie to the surprise of all he was alive .

Sam Wilson also known as Falcon in the movie was another person to watch . I loved his flying skills and his sens of humour too .

I can say Chris Evans and Johannsson are a very perfect combo .
I rate the movie 5 stars. 99%


A must watch ………


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