Being a Nigerian or living in Nigeria is definitely not a bed of roses. There are different happenings nd events which are not nice and very few that  are nice .

I read an article which motivated and inspired me to write this post . So below are just 10 tips which i know can be helpful for those who want and need to live long and be happy .


Just Try and Avoid watching, listening or reading News headlines in the morning. Don’t worry you won’t miss much.Starting your day with this , trust me is not a good idea .


Do Avoid politics especially if the activities of the people in Government make you shout “Oh my God, what’s wrong with these people?!” Don’t worry, when politics start working again in Nigeria, your neighbor will inform you.

If you don’t have you own car yet and commute in public buses especially the yellow buses popularly referred to as Danfo buses in Lagos; you need to do the following while commuting.

a. See the driver and the conductor as actors. If they are very annoying assign them with the names of those annoying Nollywood actors. If they are funny, do the same.
b. See fellow passengers like people in the cinema with you. However, if their activities are irritating to you, see them as extras in the movie you are watching.
c. Stop cursing while commuting, it has never changed anybody. See Nigeria roads as one huge theatre. Have fun at the various characters you come across.
d. If you are driving in your own car and see other road users do those things that split your hairs; be calm and hold your peace. If you must talk, shout “actor” at the road user.


You don’t have to check  your account every now and then, especially if your account is in the red. That act has a way of giving one special kind of migraine and for some it could lead to heart attack . Avoid it.

Come down from your high horse. Watch loads and loads of Nollywood movies. I’m not referring to those movies produced by some of these producers who are working hard to take over from Tyler Perry. I’m referring to those movies produced by the Upper Iweka and Alaba moneybags.

Avoid as much as possible arguing about football especially when the person you are arguing with is drunk , You might end up in the hospital with  broken head .. Just watch it in your home of if possible keep calm when watching with crowd. Its not being a coward in fact you are the wisest.

Get a portable music device and Listen to loads of music every day. Not the type of music that want only your waist. Or if that is your kind of music, then have fun. At least for some people , music helps .

Don’t take the threats of your landlord to heart. He’s only doing his job. He is just leading you to become a Landlord like him …

How to spot a bad tenant


Don’t date your boss, sorry, let me use the appropriate word. Don’t sleep with your boss in the name of job security. You give away the same job you want to secure by doing that. And ultimately your happiness

TIP 10 

This is for you . Slot in what you feel can make you happy and share it in the comment box below , who knows you might be helping someone . People are different.



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  2. Nice words, thats is d goood steps to take especially in this Lagos.

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