Hello dear , Its FASHION TUESDAY!!!!So welcome to another of its segment. Today , i would be sharing tips and advice for the Plus Size…+++++. The real challenge, when you wear a plus size, is finding and wearing the right fashion.


Fashion wasn’t just made for the skinny and perfect bodied humans ,of course the plus size and chubby ones are definitely not left out. I know that when fashion comes to your mind you imagine that hot and skinny lady with all the right curves and shapes ..Who said You cant be ???? NO ONE .

It isn’t easy to be a “plus sized” woman.

If you are overweight and have problems on looking stylish , i am here for you. Just because you wear an extra /plus sized doesn’t mean you cant be in style. Follow these fashion tips to make yourself look instantly slimmer and sexier.

Firstly ,it starts with your inner mind. You have to be confident in yourself.Confidence is attractive on any woman. not being too flashy or proud. Ignoring false fashion statements also helps.

1. Do not wear clothes that are too tight-fitted

Pencil skirts and tight-fitted dresses are not too advisable.You can start with skinny jeans and a nice top

2. Do not wear clothes that are oversized

Just because you are trying to cover up your size or body . It makes you pass a wrong message to the rest of the world telling them you have low-self esteem and lack confidence .It makes you look more than you are. Oversized clothing will just make you look bigger than you actually are. You might also run the risk of looking sloppy and uncomfortable in your own skin.

you should wear form-fitting clothes that helps flatter out your shape and overlooks the extras.
curvier lady

3. Don’t Forget about Hair and Make up

Start your outfit from the top down and find a hairstyle that plays up your best features. Play with texture, colour and length and highlight sparkling eyes, sculpted cheekbones or creamy skin. Update your make up, too. Try a new shade of eye-liner or a shimmery lip gloss and feel like a new woman.

4. Choose Small Patterns

When choosing patterned garments, avoid large prints. Instead, go for prints that use small flowers, polka dots or other shapes. Large prints encourage others to look harder at your body.

5. Long earrings are a good way to make your neck look longer, and they can also make a minimal amount of make up go further. Long necklaces also make your neck look longer and they draw attention upward along the length of your body, rather than from side to side. If you have thick wrists or chunky fingers, choose heavier bracelets and large rings that downplay your size.

6. Avoid flimsy and extra flowing fabric , they help damage your image.

7. Choose Dark Colours

Dark colours have a slimming effect, so they’re considered a staple of plus size fashion. You don’t have to wear only black; choose deep, rich dark colours like burgundy, royal purple, royal blue or dark green. If you like bright colours, use them to draw attention to the most attractive parts of your body, such as your face, shoulders and neck.Dark colours help hide some flabs and also adds to your beauty and makes your waist smaller. But don’t wear all black ,try adding some  accessories to go. Wearing all black isn’t slimming unless the pieces fit well.

8. Stay away from Big patterns and prints

9. Furry coats is bad bad idea , they are huge and makes you look double your size. Go for normal full length cardigans

10. Do Get Some Pretty Lingerie. Do not wear unfitted undergarments(underwear) as it makes everything fail because that is the foundation of your fashion. Let your bra support and fit smoothly .Every woman should feel sexy, no matter her size. A silky nightgown or embroidered kimono robe will keep you looking stylish even if you don’t leave the house. Your partner will appreciate a bit of lace and frills instead of an oversized nightshirt. Go ahead and wear a pretty camisole under your suit jacket. It will be a little secret between you and your mirror that will give you a Mona Lisa smile all day.

11. For dresses , do not wear a big belt as an accessory because  it draws unnecessary attention to the lower part of your body .Thin belts do the magic.

12. Vertical stripped fabrics makes you look taller unlike horizontal stripes that make you seem wider..Vertical lines are a must. Vertical stripes make you look thinner by drawing the eye to look up and down rather than side to side.

13. Wear wedges or platforms stay away from pencil heels and stilettos.Break out the heels. Heels elongate your legs, making you look slimmer in the process.

14. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories are a plus size fashion necessity, since they can call attention to those parts of your body that you like the most. If you have shapely arms and legs or delicate hands, choose your accessories to call attention to those areas. Hats and scarves are a great way to call attention to your face; wear a short handled handbag on one shoulder to call attention to your neck, face and shoulders.

Accessory with bangles and chains but you don t have to look like a chain holder or jewellery hawker . Bangles help draw d eye from away from the tops of your arm. Earrings and necklaces draw the eye to the face away from the bust or tummy .

15. Do Find a Good Tailor.

Having a tailor to adjust some clothes to make them fit but not tight o.Find a great tailor. Don’t throw out those great-fitting pants because they’re too long. A sharp tailor will be able to hem them to your desired length for less .

Tailors can help transform your clothing from just okay to something that looks like it was made just for you. They can move buttons, shorten hems and take in the waist of a jacket to give you a better silhouette. When trying on clothing, fit the largest part of your body, and then have someone take in the rest so it fits you perfectly.

16. When shopping try things on and you might be surprised how it fits , don’t just overlook because of the size on them. Always know your measurements , measure your hips, waist , thighs and chest .

You don’t have to wait till when you lose weight for you to look great .

17. No minis. It drags attention to where the flabs and extra body fat is instead look nice and beautiful in mid-knee skirts.

Dont wear  halter dress in public if you know you have more skin on your arms. In fact, wear sleeves. You’ll feel better

18. Dress mono chromatically. Dressing in one colour de-emphasizes your problem areas by creating one long silhouette.

19 Avoid crop jackets. Crop jackets draw attention to your waist and butt. Purchase well-structured jackets that hit you right below your bottom.

20. Purchase boot-cut pants. Pencil-leg pants make big butts look even bigger. Stick with pants that have a slight flare at the bottom to create a more balanced look.

The number on your clothing label doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you feel when you put your clothes on. The right clothes will give you the confidence to take on the world.


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