Hello dear EB readers , been a while on RELATIONSHIP FRIDAY segment . In today session i would be addressing the guys and ladies are free to comment and drop their views and opinions.


All men Cheat …..True or False. ????

Men have this insatiable wanting and cravings for women(no theirs o) despite the fact that they have an awesome lady who would do anything to make them feel like the champion they want to be . But unfortunately , it seems men are created with this continual longing to always CHEAT !!!! I really wonder why .


Cheating on your partner is definitely wrong but some men if not all men don’t care . “Of course not ALL guys cheat,” my friend said. “There’s always an exception to the rule!”Lets say just a few 10% no 6.5% of men are faithful and loyal to their partners .

Some who cheat want to eat their cake and have it at the same time . Some want more sex or lets say they want a different feel of  not just one partner ,maybe its boring.

Those men who cheat are not real men but just boys hiding in clothing’s and appearance of MEN they are supposed to be .The cheating work is done by boys who have not grown mature enough to understand those feelings and sustain in a relationship

The truth if he loves his partner he wouldn’t do such cos he knows it would hurt .

Not all men cheat because there are still some real men out there who wouldnt cheat.

. The men who cheat their wives are such kind of people who are looking for a reason to cheat as they are far away from being real men. They prefer to satisfy their selfish and dirty desires first. They never think about their wives or girlfriends while having physical relationship with any other women. They are only thinking of fulfilling their dirty wishes and that’s all. One of the very powerful enemies of relationship is Lust; as such men don’t use heart to think instead they use their glands.

I wonder why women still stay with cheating partners

A recent study claims men cheat more than women “because they have stronger sexual impulses.”

“Men have plenty of self-control — just as much as women,” Paul Eastwick, co-author of the study, said in a statement. “However, if men fail to use self-control, their sexual impulses can be quite strong. This is often the situation when cheating occurs.”

A man who genuinely cares about his lady’s feelings would never mess around behind her back – not only would he not want to, but her happiness should be his happiness, and the thought of devastating her, should be devastating to him

A real man won’t even have time to go out and find other women, because he’ll be too busy loving the one he already has.

There are two categories of men the one who cheat and the other who do not. If a guy is married and he cheats then this complicates the matter and it leads to breaking of heart which was not made for breaking. So, do all men cheat ? The answer is no. The men who love and adore their wife never cheat on them and love them forever.

True or False: Do All Men Cheat On Their Wives?


Oya men respond and clarify this o….


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  1. Exquisite Nsikan


  2. Not all men cheat. Can boost of my fiance.

  3. The title is suppose to be cheating in relationship because all gender cheat.. With impunity… :-]:]

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