A man watches rescue workers working at the wreckage of Algerian military transport aircraft after it slammed into a mountain in the country's rugged eastern region

A military plane conveying more than 70 people who were were military personnel and their family members has crashed in the north-east of Algeria  killing all but one of the 78 people on board.

Military plane crashes killing 103 people

The Hercules C-130 crashed into a mountain in Oum al-Bouaghi province, en route to Constantine, in bad weather conditions.

One survivor is being treated for head injuries, reports said.

“The plane crashed into a mountain and exploded. Several bodies were burnt to ashes and could not be identified,” an official told Reuters.

“I saw the military plane crashing, and it was cut into two pieces,” a firefighter, Mohamed, told Reuters news agency at Ouled Gacem, near the crash site.

Women and children were among the 77 bodies recovered from the crash site. Dozens of rescue workers reached the scene, despite the mountainous terrain and wintry weather conditions

Algeria has begun three days of national mourning for the 77 people killed in a military passenger plane crash in the north-east of the country.

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has praised the soldiers who died in the crash as “martyrs”.

The lone survivor, a soldier, is reportedly being treated for head injuries at a military hospital in Constantine.

The defence ministry said it had set up a commission to investigate the crash and that Ahmed Gaid Salah, who is both army chief of staff and deputy defence minister, would go to the crash site.

In a statement, the defence ministry blamed “very bad weather conditions, involving a storm and heavy snowfall” for the crash.


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