Valentine day is around the corner , Today on Fashion Tuesday , i would be sharing with you some fashion ideas and tips to make that day special and unique.


This post is for both single and ladies that are hooked up .For that occasion or date or friends evening out wherever you are going to be its best and advisable to always look good .Who know you might meet ?????

It is a day to celebrate love   have fun. But for tips on how to break that down for a date or a night out with the girls i got your back here


Oh yes. Color red brings out the vibe in most ladies(not all) .

     Taylor Swift


The little black dress has been a saver for lots of ladies for occasions and valentine day is not an exception . When in doubt about what to wear, call upon the ‘Little Black Dress’ (LBD). You can dress it down, or dress it up depending on the date location. To add some spice to the look, team it up with some sexy colourful heels and matching clutch or some amazing statement jewellery.

     Kangna Ranaut  Black and White and Hearts All Over


Red Heart Booties

For a subtle, not-so-in-your-face Valentine’s Day look, pair these heart printed booties with a black blouse and skinny jeans.

     yves saint laurent tribtoo 105 cap toe pumps

Shoes make a statement about you . They tell your mood sometimes. You can have the informal look with the boots or the formal look with the heels.

Now for the remaining 13 tips……..


  • Dress sexy not slutty. Some women think “he will like it, if I wear a little top, micro mini and fishnets” – WRONG! Most guys are turned on by ‘less is more’. Remember first impressions count, and if you turn up looking like a hussy, you’ll be making the wrong first impression and he’ll only be talking to your bangers all night and not to you.
  • Colors make it attractive .Pink is sweet. Red is hot! And white is elegant and pure.
  • Wear a Dress. Worn to the knee for modesty or as a short mini to look sexy. Pick a dress that flatters your body type – an hourglass silhouette looks best on all shapes and sizes.
  • Select the Shoes. Go high and strappy. Men can’t resist a woman in sexy heels. Leave the peep toes for the office.
  • Then the Bag. As it’s a night out on the town, select a clutch and leave your big, fashion “it” bags at home.If possible drop the bag . go light
  •  An outfit is not complete without the proper jewelry. Perhaps you’ll wear the new necklace or earrings your partner gives you on this special day (hint, hint – guys). However if you’re not that fortunate, select something simple, tasteful, and classy – diamonds or Swarovski are a girl’s best friend!
  • Coordinate your Makeup. If you decide on a  red dress, go with red lips. If you go pink or white, go nude on the lips, darker on the cheeks and smoky on the eye.
  • Finish with Fragrance. So do  you want to smell like sugar and spice or naughty and nice? Selecting the proper fragrance is always a personal preference.
  •  Identify one great feature to play up and work it. A sweatheart neckline or V-neck is a great start. This silk blouse by Tracy Reese is great for black haired ravens.
  •  Try some sexy earrings to play up your eye color. For example if you have bright blue/green eyes and a round face try these multi-stone drop earrings by Oscar de la Renta. Or if you have brown eyes and square-ish face, these earrings from Etsy are a great accent.
  • Pick one area to flaunt, not two. For example, if you choose to show off your chest with a low-cut neckline don’t wear a mini skirt. If you want to show off your legs with mini skirt go more safe on top. It’s all about balance.
  • Don’t wear too much make up and don’t over-do the perfume.
  • Nothing can scare a guy off faster than hairy legs, armpits or facial hair (on a woman).
  •  Pull your hair into an updo or away from your face in a half-up, half-down style to show off your face, neck and jewelry.

   21 Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Have a Lovely Day and or Night Out . Happy Valentines day .!!!!


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