A new business trend is evolving . Would you love to eat in a luxury place , then try THE GREEN PLANE .

Restaurant In A Plane: Ghana Airways Aircraft Now A Popular Luxurious Eatery (PHOTOS)

Located in Accra , Capital of Ghana.. It  is an old DC-10 aircraft originally Owned by Ghana Airways which used to travel from Ghana to Europe and the US before it went bankrupt in 2005, the plane was once impounded at London’s Heathrow airport because of the national carrier’s unpaid debts.

It is now a luxury and popular location . Even people who haven’t had the opportunity to be or see the inside of a plane can now do that . The restaurant was opened by the government  in partnership with Vindira Company Limited.

The seats have also been rearranged for the restaurant, which is in a plush Accra suburb near a number of luxurious hotels and shopping malls close to Kotota International Airport – diners can hear planes taking off and landing. So it still has the feel of being on air .


“Attendance is very impressive. At first, people wanted to have a feel of restaurant in a plane but surprisingly they keep coming,” says restaurant manager Indira Shiyam.

“I am excited to be here, my first time in a plane,” said Mary Dapaah as she posed for a photo.


“It looks a little different from the inside of planes I see on television”.

“The expectations of people who come here are very high… so you have to be extra nice and careful as if you are an air hostess,” says Peace Dzamenu, a waitress at the restaurant.

Do you think this can happen in Nigeria ????Will the business thrive ?



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