Hello Readers, hope your day is going fine ? Today on EB is FASHION TUESDAY. Thinking of what to discuss with you all today i decided to talk about an African fashion piece usually called “GELE”.

This is an african head gear normally worn to compliment particular attires and outfits and worn by ladies.It  gives a facelift to ladies.


Gele which is prnouced gay-lay is the yoruba word for head gear or head can be as little as a simple scarf or longer. Its known to be worn with the traditional attire which is the Iro & Buba. It is a common fashion accessory for women in Nigeria.

Nigerian wedding champagne and gold aso-oke make-up and gele by Banke Meshida 2  #Nigerian, #headgear, #Naija, #Gere, #tradation, #women, #NigerianEngagement
It is now a fashion statement as it is worn to compliment some attires for occasions and events. In Fact wearing a traditional attire or native attir without the GELE is seemed as a fashion faux pax.
The Gele today is now common and new trends , designs emerge daily.


Today, you can see the Gele being donned on all types of attire, such as, skirt suits, pant suits, and cocktail dresses. The possibilities are endless as the uses of the Gele is still emerging.
One thing about the GELE is ability to tie it properly which most ladies find it difficult to do so. I’ve seen most ladies take almost 40 minutes in tying their head gear to their taste. Well it can get you frustrated tho. In my next post i will put up some tutorials for those who want to learn how to do so.

The ability to tie the Gele is one of the problem faced by most Nigerian women. Tying the Gele is an art in itself. It takes great patience and precision. I remember as a child always watching my mom tie the Gele for a special occasion and wondering, ‘what in the world…?’.Now I find myself doing the same, getting frustrated over tying my geles.
A popular Nigerian called Segun Gele is an expert in this area. he is recognised globally for his gele designs .

Let’s just say, I pre-tie my Geles weeks, and sometimes months ahead of the special event. So all I do is just put it on like a hat whenever It’s needed.

For a lot of women, the time it takes to tie the Gele is a deterrent to wearing this essential part of the cultural attire as it can take from half an hour to hours just to get it right. This can sometimes be a frustrating process. Thus, most Nigerian women have abandoned wearing the Gele altogether.

One Nigerian man noticed this trend (of not wearing the Gele) among Nigerian women. He is well skilled in the art of tying the Gele. His name is Segun Gele.

In a write up is was said that the head tie is the ultimate fashion accessory to use to protect your hair, complete your traditional African outfit, or in many cases, for religious purposes. If you’re going for a glamour look, go with the gele and you’ll definitely get comments like “Where Did You Get That From?” If you’re looking for something more refined, the head tie is your style pick!

Also important to note is that your head tie can be a symbol of your social status and class. In most African countries, the material of the head scarf, the size of it, and how you rock it with the rest of your outfit can determine whether you are from the upper class, middle class, or the lower class. So ladies, if you got it, flaunt it, and if you don’t, fake it till you make it. Good luck on Rocking your next African head scarf.

Stay tuned and anticipate our next  post HOW TO TIE THE GELE









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