Before i start , I have a question for you . Can you give up your Self Respect , Dignity for Fame and Popularity ??

Well someone can and her name is Maheeda.—–The Lady That gave up her Self Respect for Fame. Her real name is Caroline Sam.

How interesting . For those of you that don’t know her (actually been skeptical of blogging about her) Maheeda is a Lady that poses and upload nude and X-rated photos of her self online. She was Recently banned from Instagram.

She says her Family (Her husband and daughter) are in support of her weird activity.

So her reason for setting up nude photos is to get attention Asap. She just doesn’t really care what people say o!
Well not too surprised she says her husband and his family are supportive as she married a Dutch Man . Tell me which African Man especially Nigerians who will condone his wife nude photos in the public (Very rare o)


Another funny thing was that she said her 17 year old daughter is not aware that the nude photos exist . Like seriously !!!! In this modern age of internet and how news and gist fly everywhere .She has to be kidding me.


She says she is a born again but decided to continue with secular Music .Hmmm. And her Music is Honest Music . How innocent .

What do you think .????? Is it worth it ???

She recently had an interview . Read what she has to say .

It is deliberate. I know what I am doing. The pictures are not targeted at anything. It is all about attention and there is no mistake about it. This business of music is called showbusiness and I am convinced I am on the right track. I owe no apologies. I just realised this way will be a faster hit than any other way. The pictures are working for me.As you can see, there’s so much attention on me. All of a sudden, people want to listen to my old singles and are looking forward to my debut album.In this life, everybody gets criticised whether you do good or bad. I have read and heard so much about me that I am now used to it. Thanks to them, they have helped me develop a thick skin.
I am married and my husband is Dutch. What I am doing is not alien to him or his family and he understands. I met him at a bar when he just came to Nigeria. We are happily married. Even before we got married, he understood my kind of person. He was aware of my vision. He has always been supportive. He just laughs whenever he comes across any of my pictures. It’s in Africa that we attach much importance to such things and consider it sacrilegious.
I am 31 and I had my daughter when I was 17. I do not think this is going to affect her in any way. If my mother did something like this; there is no way it would have affected me. My daughter is not even aware these nude pictures exist even though she has seen pictures of me in bikini. She is not even allowed access to the social media. Even if she gets to view them eventually, it’s not going to mean anything to her because she has the European mentality. When my daughter is 18, then she can decide what she wants. Currently, she is under my care and I won’t let her do what I am doing.

I have quite a few of them. Don Jazzy is my friend, Olamide and Phyno just to mention but a few. Gospel artistes? No, but I became a born-again Christian and decided that I wanted to continue with secular music. Whether people accept it or not, I am a born-again Christian and that is why I describe my music as honest music. I am not perfect but I’m just living my life in the best possible way.



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  1. So very wierd…am quite sure she has got it all twisted….u don’t buy fame or popularity through cheap ways like ds…it shows she obviously has no worth…its well wt her tho..

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