Got this news this morning , but i dont know how true this is . I have decided to share it with you all

After i watched the video , it felt real but we all know technology can be very deceitful . This video was taken /captured during the recently finished Shiloh event at Cannanland , Ota .

Is someone trying to tarnish the image of Bishop David Oyedepo or Winners chapel ????

Jumoke Abioye, a member of the Church, claims her son recorded an alien ship hovering over the Faith Tabernacle, which is the church building. According to her:

“Before today, my son, Jonathan, had been trying to convince me that he sees aliens. We could be in the compound, at the market, at the beach, but he would suddenly stop, his eyes eerily fixated on the air and whisper ‘I see alien people’. I usually brushed this off as his being naughty until a friend of mine witnessed this and said he must have a demon in him.

We decided to attend this year’s Shiloh to get his deliverance. Throughout the time he kept on with his strange behaviour, in fact it got more frequent and strange, one time he stood up during a sermon and said an alien was beside Bishop Oyedepo, telling him what to say. You could imagine the embarrassment that caused me. Another time he told me the aliens had woken him up at night and told him they were the ones who had created man, and our judgment was fast approaching.”

So on the last day of Shiloh, I decided enough was enough. I prayed to God to reveal those aliens to me if they did exist. I then told my son to record the aliens should he see them, and I also anointed the camera with oil. Then it happened. He stood up and said he was seeing their ship, I immediately gave him the camera to record it. But in a few seconds time the camera stopped working, but at least we had goten a glimse of them.You can imagine how scared I was, I haven’t slept since, I haven’t eaten anything, I really don’t know what to do”.


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