I remember when i was a Kid and read in the Bible how God allowed the Egyptians Rivers and seas to turn to red as a Plague .Its happening o !!!!

Blood red river in Slovakian town Myjava. (Screenshot of Marek Hrin´s Facebook photo)

On Wednesday , in a small town of Myjava in Slovakia   turned red all of a sudden . Police authorities were notified and  later found out the source of the coloring at a sewage grate .

A 43-year-old employee at a local company was cleaning nine plastic containers from a printer unit used for printing food packages, said city spokesman Marek Hrin on Facebook.

article-2517516-19CE247D00000578-481_634x385The employee had taken the containers from his work for further use at home. The coloured water poured into the sewer in the courtyard near his house, which flows straight into the local river. Fortunately, no fish or other wildlife should be impacted; since the dyes are used for food packaging, they are non-toxic. Authorities are nonetheless analysing the substance.

Slovak police are investigating the act as a violation of environmental regulations, and the man was fired from his job.

So just imagine if this happened in your home town or in your local area , what would be your reaction .would it be End time or just another mistake ???


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