This week on EB , Our celeb of the week is a media personality , a skilled hostess , a v-logger , a party lover , a fashion freak , a classy lady, i can go on and on but i have to stop there .
She is on the lips of every social Nigerian . she is no other person than TOKE MAKINWA .

Welcome to the TOKE ‘s side of life .


On the 3rd of November 1984 ,Toke  Makinwa was born in Abuja but her parents relocated to Lagos . She is from a large family , second child out of four siblings. Interesting enough she started schooling at the age of 1 . So i csn say she is smart . She had her secondary education at Federal Government College ,Oyo State and majored in English language/Literature at the University Of Lagos .

Toke got back home after a while , got a job at Zenith Bank which i guess her parents would have been very excited about .But unfortunately and fortunately , her love for the media was in-separable and she refused to let that dream she has nurtured die .

Toke Makinwa is a lady that is known at least popular in Nigeria , A fashionista , party goer , and loves to live life .
The 29 -year old started her career as a radio presenter on cool fm in 1999 which was shortlived. In 2010 , Fate smiled on her as , her long lived dream of returning back to the radio scene came alive when she got a  job with Rhythm 97.3 fm as an On Air Personality .

She has a way of capturing the hearts and minds of listeners and viewers when she is on air . Toke was popular with her morning show – the morning drive ,where she gives her listeners a healthy dose of information and inspiration to start the day alongside her co-host.

She is also the co-host of  TV show – ‘3 Live Chicks’ where she discusses a wide range of topics with other presenters – Oreka Godis & Tosyn Bucknor. Toke is also a host on the popular Flytime TV show and was the co-host of the 2012 edition of Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) beauty contest

The good thing about her is that she loves what she does which makes her fulfilled as she spends every day of her life sweat-less.

Fashion can be said to be her middle name as she said in an interview on Bella naija

I love fashion, I breathe fashion, I eat fashion. I could be very occupied reading a fashion magazine. For me, fashion evolves, it’s an everyday thing. I like what I feel comfortable in, what makes me feel young, what interprets who I am. If the public would see that I’m fashionable I’d say thank you for that.

Some call her ‘the life of the party,’ others say she’s a ‘globe-trotting beauty’ Toke recently landed the role of Co-host on another Television program called VHS. “I want to be that girl who lives a life of purpose and fulfillment, a very passionate life, worthy of news and one that inspires everyone.” She says. Her rise to the top has been undeniable successful.

Very passionate about giving back, Ms Makinwa gets involved in a lot of charitable events as much as she can. In the month of February 2013, she posed alongside media personalities like Yvonne Vixen Ekwere, Shine, and Tosyn Bucknor in a photo shoot to support and raise awareness for Cervical Cancer.

Before she turns 30, Toke Makinwa hopes to be the Host of her own Talk show and this 5ft6 lady is not stopping till she achieves just that. She recently launched her own YouTube channel, which has gained momentum in Nigeria. Every Wednesday, she puts out 5mins Vlogs where she takes on a variety of topics to captivate her fans.
Topping the world of fashion, hosting numerous shows, Radio, Television and the Internet in Nigeria, stay tuned, this young lady has exciting business opportunities up her alley in 2013 & beyond.

Check out her ideal Marriage proposal
Growing up, I did dream that I would get proposed to on Oprah Winfrey Show. I dreamt that the guy would have all the rings out at Oprah and would tell me he is taking me to lunch, leave me in a hotel room, send my dress up and I’d wear this lovely dress. Then he’d send a chauffeur to pick me up to come and meet him at work and somehow we’d be parked at the back corner of Harper Studios, and I’d walk in through the back door not knowing where I am and the next thing is I’d find myself on set with Oprah. Then she’d ask me “do you know where you are” and I’d say “I was supposed to meet my fiancé somewhere”. Then I’d see all my family members in the audience and my fiancé comes out, gets on his knees and there are people carrying the rings and he says “take any ring of your choice. Marry me.”

Isnt that perfect and wonderful .

Congrats Toke !!! You go girl !





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