Hello Everyone , This week on Relationship Guru section , I would be discussing on the 3 most important hazards that occur in a relationship . Though there are more but these three are the most important and the most predominant.

I can say that the road of love is not as easy as it may seem from afar , but on that same rocky road some have safely driven through while some have fallen prey to the hazards involved or associated with it . These are the hazard i would be pointing out .

Relationships need all the attention , care , patience and  more .Careful driving with both eyes on the road will help you avoid the innumerable hazards that can wreck your precious bond.

The three hazards are :

Money, insecurity and fear of change are three demons that can spell doom for a relationship.


Money is the most common .

Money is not the greatest hazard to your relationship that everyone believes it to be. Money just makes the easiest argument, guaranteed to put everyone at odds. Money casts a weird spell in very unpredictable ways. The people who have much money tend to be very worried about losing it. To those with little, money is a constant concern, pain and need. Money drives some people mad. It urges others to steal and kill. Some don’t have a care or worry about it. But to many, money becomes a sensitive hot button issue.

Money is always the easiest excuse. Everyone uses it. Someone is either spending too much or too little. Money is the easiest way to start an argument. It is the easiest way to insult and anger the one you love. Society places a great deal of importance and imagined power on money. Your wealth is your stature. In a relationship, money can easily corrupt your pure love.

If we strip it naked, money is merely a unit of measure, an accounting tool. Money is a means of trade and exchange. Money holds no value in the strength of your relationship. Money can never be a symbol of your romantic achievements. Your partnership is the focus of your greatest success. The health, direction and progress of your partnership are where your greatest riches lie.


What is the difference between a relationship and a partnership? A relationship implies love and romance. A partnership sounds more like a business deal, with roles and responsibilities carefully defined. You are seeking a healthy love with elements of both. A relationship is made up of You, Me and Us.

Often times, love and emotion get tangled in mixed feelings and painful insecurities. In the workplace, none of that is tolerated. As a partner in love, you must balance yourself with heart and with your mind. Living closely and intimately is a wonderful thing. But it must be managed.

Insecurity can arise when your mate participates in activities and interests without you. However, partners must have their own identity respected and acknowledged. Together, you share mutual interests. Separately, you pursue your own. You and your mate are two independent individuals who have partnered to pursue a common goal. “Happily ever after” needs definition. Ask, “Together, what does a happy life mean to you, me and us?” Create concrete goals. Love will never be far away.

Fear of Change

Change is the only permanent thing in life . It is that change some people are afraid of In Life. You expect the same from a relationship. As human beings, we naturally seek an order to our ever-changing world. Stability rarely exists. By accepting the reality of our world and the need to embrace change, we create a greater worldview of Life. It allows us to discern the difference between the things we can worry about and those that we should not bother about.

What can you change?  Accept Change. It’s happening whether you like it or not. An appreciation of Change will become the life force and strength of your Love.

Avoid these 3 hazards and you are covered for this trip down the rocky road.

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