Its a sad news to bring to you but its of necessity. 74 people have been confirmed dead.

The ongoing outbreak has spread its virus to different states like Plateau, Sokoto, Zamfara and Lagos States who have recorded about 1,117 cases with official confirmation of deaths in two weeks.

According to the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, about 373 Nigerians have been affected.The minister, who was disturbed by the outbreak urged Nigerians to take the issue of sanitation very seriously.

Chukwu spoke on Monday during the “2013 Physicians Week” with the theme: “Federalism and Nigeria’s Healthcare system-An appraisal of the Primary and Secondary healthcare systems.”
He said, “As at yesterday (Sunday), 373 Nigerians have been recorded having suffered cholera in this current outbreak out of which we have lost 74. We still got a report just yesterday (Sunday) that few of the cases can do with antibiotic.
“Each Nigerian must commit to certain things; can we stop going into the bush to defecate? Open defecation is not neglected but every Nigerian must know that it is unhealthy. Even market people are paying N5:00 to use toilets in the market place and that is what they do outside this country.
“My role as the Minister of Health is limited; as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will continue to advocate that every sector keys into what each sector should do and individuals should preach to every Nigerian to do proper things in terms of sanitation.”
He pointed that, what was important is that Nigerians must do everything to stop open defecation and have access to clean water.

This is just to bring to your notice . So please let us all help ourselves and stop this outbreak of cholera. Lives are at stake


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